Cloud backup failure causes Z-Wave radio to go offline

Not related to the ATT outage? LOL.

Not unless AT&T runs on Xfinity.

Still on .117 and for the first time since updating to that version my z-wave was down this morning after the nightly cloud backup. The problem doesn't look to be fully resolved.

Can't remember - did you try It doesn't have a specific fix for this issue, but just wondering.

HE staff is aware of this issue. They are currently working on two different Z-Wave issues (this one and another tricky one). I know it's annoying to wait...

The issue you're experiencing has appeared to be fixed a couple times and then it's cropped up again w/a small subset of users, so it's been difficult to manage.

Looks like this issue doesn’t want to go away. :cry:

Please update to latest version and see if the problem is resolved:


Cheers, I'll update tonight.

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Unfortunately it isn’t. When the hub does come back online, after a graceful Power cycle, the elevated load issue is present, requiring a second reboot.

Same recurring issue here. C-8 updated to the latest and still, time after time, constantly the same cloud backup failure causing z-wave crash. This makes me very popular here around the house.

The workaround: disable backup, a service for which I pay extra.

@Hubitat_Staff please address this once and for all. It's going on for what? A year now?

We have been closing the gaps in recent updates. However, not all failures are created equal. Some failures can be traced to a mesh problem, while others are related to the backup process itself. We have seen very few failures caused by the process itself and those issues have been largely addressed.

Now, since your hub is enrolled in the beta program, I pulled the engineering logs and your failure looks to be related to yet another issue caused by the internal process. Our engineers are already looking into fixing this hopefully last remaining process issue :crossed_fingers:


Now, this was really cool. It's one situation where "big brother is watching you" is actually pleasing.

Looking forward to my personal fix. Thank you!


I just had this error happen to me, I think for the first time ever. On my C-7, running with all the Z-wave updates installed. I've not changed anything on the hub for weeks; I installed this release as soon as it became available (about 6 days ago).


I've shutdown, unplugged, and restarted and everything is fine again.

This is my "Home" hub, and is enrolled in beta, if you want to pull the logs.

I wonder if this is memory related at all? I can’t prove it, but it seems more likely to happen to me if my hub has less than 190MB of free ram available when the backup runs.

It could be a coincidence, but I’ve now set my C8 hub reboot threshold back to 200MB free ram to test My theory.

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I’ve been experiencing this exact same issue. Happened about a month ago and twice this week. Have disabled cloud backups for now until this is fixed.

Send a PM to @bobbyD with your hubs UID (Settings>Hub Details).

That will enable Bobby to look at your hubs engineering logs to help identify why your hub is having this issue.

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Just to add this has happened a few times to my c8 w latest s/w. After the error about an unsuccessful backup, I did a successful manual cloud backup and then rebooted in that order

Will do…thanks

It happened again last night, with the hub now running

How much free ram was available when you checked on the hub?

I was getting a couple of failures a week before I changed my reboot threshold to less than 200MB free ram.

I am experiencing the issue on my C8. The issue started about a month ago and the only way I could get the cloud backup to work again was performing a soft reset. I would see the Z-wave radio go down/up at least once per day.

Then last week it start happening again and now it was the Zigbee radio. So I put a support ticket in like 4 days ago suspecting a possible hardware issue. I am wondering if the database is becoming corrupted some how, hence why the soft reset may have fixed the issue. I have not heard back from support though.

This morning when it happen I had 320MB free of memory.