Cloud Backup Fails

I woke up this morning to this message:

So I checked my Hub Protect subscription and it is reporting active and okay.

So then I did a manual cloud backup and go this message:

Am I the only one getting this? It's a C7 running platform

Yup, known issue. Donโ€™t think there is an official โ€œfixโ€ released yet, but I had luck with shutting down my hub, waiting 45 seconds, powering it back up, and then running a manual cloud backup which completed successfully including Zwave database.

Then I had to do the same shutdown procedure a couple more times over the next few days to get my Zwave network to settle down. If you donโ€™t already, install hub watchdog to keep an eye on Zwave network health.

Well, it's not just a backup failure. My entire hub cannot control any devices, thoughI can still get to it via its local IP address and everything is still there. I am going to try a shutdown/restart to see if this fixes it. I may just revert to an earlier version if I can get up and running.

The Z-Radios are SOCs that are exactly what the acronym says: System On a Chip. Those tiny computers can crash just like any other or get caught in loops, etc. The power to those modules is on 100% of the time and the only way to reset/reboot them is by a full and complete power down of your hub.

I suspect that doing that, not just a restart/reboot of the hub, you will recover ZWave (or Zigbee) functionality. Settings: Shutdown Wait for Red LED and unplug the hub. Wait 10-15 seconds and plug it back in.


Doing a power down and restart did fix the problem.

I'm now wondering if the next 3AM cloud backup is going to stop my C7 from working again. This has never happened to me before in 2 years of using it. May be a coincidence, but I updated the firmware less than a week ago.

It happens and now you know the symptoms and the cure. :smiley: Predicting when it will happen to you or anyone else is like predicting any natural disaster. I'd say there's two ways to look at that.. 1) something triggered it and if it's still around, a repeat is more probable, 2) the powercycle reset the once-in-a-blue-moon event and it'll be 2 years to the next one.


Another thing you can consider is doing cloud backups less frequently, as it is only cloud backups that can affect the radio. There is really no technical reason to do them daily (if you are).

I do them weekly, and then do a manual one if I have added new devices to the zwave mesh. And honestly, I think weekly is more frequently than necessary too, I just haven't bothered changing it to something less frequent (edit: just changed it to every 2 weeks... lol).