Cloud backup is incomplete

IIRC the cloud backups briefly stop and restart the Zwave radio to ensure that it gets a good backup of the radio database. Since the backup noted that it failed on the ZWave portion and subsequently you are experiencing issues with the Zwave mesh I would recommend a shutdown and removal of power from the hub (at the wall) for about 30-45 seconds. This should force a reload of the hub's cached Zwave information from the radio database.

Why you had an issue I'll leave for @gopher.ny or @bobbyD to look into as they may want to look at the engineering logs.


Please send me a private message along with your hub id so we can look for clues in your hub's engineering log, assuming it is connected to the cloud.

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Thanks for your message. We checked your hub's engineering log and the Z-Wave problems started as result of the cloud backup-up failure. Our engineers are aware of occasional backup failures that can lead to Z-Wave radio going offline. We do not have a solution at this point. The problem is now listed on Known Issues in Release . If the backup fails again, you may want to power cycle the hub by shutting it down from Settings, then when the hub's LED turns red, unplug the hub for 30 seconds before plugging back in. Running a manual cloud backup is recommended following a cloud backup failure.


I'm having the same issue and PM'd my hub ID to bobbyD.

I had this same issue, C7 running Would not complete a cloud backup, would error saying incomplete backup due to Zwave. I did a shutdown and then unplugged the power for 45 seconds. Reconnected power and once booted up ran cloud backup, finished successfully. Just upgraded to and crossing my fingers.

The latest release doesn't have a fix. The problem with this issue is its inconsistency. You can run 100 manual backups and/or scheduled backups and they'll complete successfully, but the 101 fails (the number of successful backups failures varies).

Understood, was more saying crossing my fingers the Zwave delays stay away. Right now the hub watchdog tests are bouncing all over the place.

I’ve also disabled my automatic scheduled backups until this issue is finally resolved.

Thanks for fixing this!

In the new release notes it says

  • If zigbee or z-wave steps of cloud backup fail, the backup is correctly marked as having no zigbee or z-wave component.

Does this mean the backup will fail silently? Or will it have a warning message?

From the posts I've seen there are messages in the main log (failed only) as well as hub event log events (both successful and failures)

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Hi @bobbyD I got another failure 2 days ago and my Z-wave network started to have issues since. Power cycling actually didn't help unfortunately. Is this something the team can take a look thank you!

Hi @bobbyD, I got the "Cloud backup" failure this morning. Currently running As mentioned by others, Z-wave currently not working.

Please let me know if you need any data from my side to look into this.


My zwave network now goes down every couple days. Any tips to make this better? @bobbyD

+1, same on C8

I continue to get the failed cloud backups.

I unfortunately still gets it once in a while

We are actively investigating some edge cases that have not been resolved by the recent updates. Thank you for your patience and understanding while our engineers narrow down the root cause. At this time we do not have an estimated resolution timeframe.


Hi @bobbyD ,

Any updates regarding this issue? Still getting issues around this. Let me know how the community can help.

I would update to .136 -- there were improvements made in 2.3.9 that should help with this issue.

Thank you let me apply that!

Chiming in on this issue as I had my cloud backup fail last night and this morning zwave became totally unresponsive (all devices). I suspect the zwave issue preceded the cloud failure by a few hours (more on that below). I got everything back running, but I'm writing to get some advice on what to do to prevent the chance of a recurrence.

Here are my details:
Stable network
C8 hub on
Powered by original power brick
Wired network connection
42 zwave devices and stable mesh for last year
Two successful cloud backups after upgrading to

I made only one change in the week between my last successful cloud backup and last night's failed one. Three months ago I excluded a GE Enbrighten series 700 dimmer 52252 (Closet Light) for some construction. I added it back six days ago, but this time instead of it being S2, I included it with no security.

I noticed no issues with my zwave network over the last 6 days, except last night, when I noticed some lights were left on in the basement. Some were lutron and one was zwave (basement shower light). I turned them all off using apple home around 10pm. However, I noticed that the basement shower light appeared to still be on. I though maybe someone was using the shower and moved on. There were no issues with zwave earlier in the day.

Looking at the events for that device, I can see "command called: off" at 10pm but no "Basement Shower was turned off [digital]" so this command did not succeed and I wonder if the entire zwave network was down, but I didn't notice. I looked further back in the event for this device and can see that "Basement Shower" had successfully executed digital commands after "Closet Light" was added back without security.

I took three steps
Step 1: Trigger another cloud back up. It succeeded and my zwave devices became responsive.
Step 2: Shut down hub, remove power for a few minutes, powered back up.
Step 3 (housecleaning): Switch a battery powered zwave motion sensor (GE 39143) to being mains powered.

Any theories as to what happened and ideas about what to do? I'm thinking exclude and include the closet switch again?