Cloning Rule with "Cancel Timed Actions This Rule" Doesn't Map

When I tried to clone an RM 5.1 App that had a "Cancel Timed Actions This Rule" statement, the cloned rule did not retain the "This Rule" entry in the list as "This Rule"--instead, it referred back to the original rule (the one being cloned).

The cloning process did not offer to allow a substitution for that either. So, the end result was that the cloned rule tried to cancel the ORIGINAL rule's timed actions and not its own.

Is that expected?

Yes, that is expected:

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I was hoping the "this rule" selection would be just that, but it appears that it actually gets stored as the rule name itself.


Technically tied to the app ID and not the name (so you can re-name Rules without consequence), but yeah, similar outcome. :slight_smile:

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