Import Rule bug? Cancel Timed action,

I have added my C7 to my system. It has replaced the few items I had left on my ST hub and I am now in the process of splitting devices between my two hubs. C7 hub on one end of the house and the C5 on the other.

I exported a rule from my C5 hub and moved it to my C7, as all the devices for that rule were now on the C7. Just a simple rule to turn on lights in the laundry room when entering.

I have noticed over the last few days that the light would now go out on us from time to time while in the room.

I opened up the rule and noticed that at the beginning of the rule I have a cancel timed action. In the original rule on the C5 it was

Cancel timed actions :**This rule**

When imported, however, it did not maintain that action. It just had

Cancel timed actions :

So it never canceled the delay of turning off the light. I edited the action and added "this rule". Don't know if you would consider that a bug, but it seems the import could have maintained the "this rule" part.

Any rule that references another rule will have to be updated after importing or cloning. The same is true for any rule that uses Private Boolean.

I understand about another rule, but in this case it was this rule. I realize technically it is another rule, but in this case it means cancel timers in the current rule.

I guess it is just an adjustment to remember but there was no indication of a broken action or need to edit that part of rule.

Any action that references a rule, be it This Rule or another rule, will have to be fixed after import. All such actions use the appId of the rule being referenced, and that value remains valid through the import process. So This Rule becomes That Rule, until you fix it.