Cleaning lady - help with a rule


The way it's written, all of the rules are resumed 3 hrs after they are paused. Then the mode switches back to away 30 mins after that. Was that your intention?


Yes 3 hours for the rules and 3h30m for the mode.


I have two suggestions:

a) Can you give Sarah access to your WiFi? And then use something like @jwetzel1492's iPhone WiFi presence sensor (works with iPhone & Android) to determine when she's left?

b) I have a Fingbox (cost all of $99 a couple years ago). It integrates with IFTTT, and I trigger a Hubitat switch to turn on/off when the Fingbox detects/no-longer-detects Pattie's phone. Using a Fingbox obviates the need to provide access to your WiFi network.

And now, I must go back to watching football :slight_smile:

What to do about when Housekeeper arrives?

I may look into that.


Yup - the iPhone WiFi presence sensor requires no additional hardware or IFTTT integration. But it does require that you provide her WiFi access.

Getting a Fingbox does require new hardware to be purchased, but can detect her phone's presence without providing her WiFi access.


Sure hope you didn't forget any devices in there! :grin:

I am far from a RM expert, but it looks logical to me. The only thing I would add is you should probably add an ENDIF at the end. Like Bravenel says, leaving the ENDIF off is like leaving the period off the end of the senten

See, it just doesn't look right.


I can't believe I forgot it! I know this. Rookie mistake. Ha! Added. (I'm so embarrassed)


Rookie here too! I am picking things up slowly.


I've been into home automation for about 5 years and on HE for almost two. When I say rookie mistake, I'm kind've chastising myself for doing it. Hurrying never helped anything.