What to do about when Housekeeper arrives?

So if I am AWAY (with my iPhone), so home is in AWAY mode which for me turns OFF all lights and my housekeeper arrives and begins to turn lights on with the switches in the house, will HE immediately turn them back off? How do I prevent that? I don't want to inconvenience her with a dumb smart house. :slight_smile:

I have an RFID tag and a Zipato RFID tag reader near the front door, when she uses that it sets the Mode to Cleaning in Progress. And the house behaves accordingly. Then when she leaves, she presses Away and scans the tag again. Based on who is home (or not) it sets the mode to Away again.

I have her use it even if I'm here or not, as she triggers all sorts when cleaning the Tablets knocking around :joy:

Zipato RFID here Although I believe they are in the US too.
Driver here

Lock the liquor cabinet and hide the porn ?


or unlock the liquor cabinet and leave the porn running...(depends right?) :wink:

How do you know she arrived? How does she get in? Lock code on a door?

I've used a lock code on a door to initiate a "VIRTUAL" presence sensor (make it arrive) that then behaves as if someone returned home. There are multiple ways to have that virtual sensor "depart". You can do it timed if you know how long or you can simply use a button or possibly the same lock locking.


I have a Sesame lock (I don't think Hubitat supported). When she uses a key I provide for her, she just comes in and then when she leaves she locks back up. It is a specific day and a specific time.

Maybe I can write a rule for a specific day and time or can I create a virtual button that basically turns off AWAY mode? Should I create a new mode called "Cleaning" or "Guest at Home"??

Real newbie here, but trying to get the hang of it. Suggestions are really appreciated.

I use LCM and a virtual presence device. When a specific code(s) is used, I make the virtual presence device present. Whenever I, or my wife, arrive I mark it away again to setup for next time. The virtual presence device is tied into HSM/Mode Manager.

Sounds the easiest way. I wish mine was always a set day and time, would save a lot of effort :wink:

If she’s using a physical key you could put a smartthings zigbee presence sensor on the keyring and use that as a trigger to change from away mode when she arrives and then back when she leaves.

Similar to what @Royski suggested with the zipato RFID tag, but wouldn’t require her to take any specific action when arriving and leaving, the presence sensor will do the work for her.

I'm told that there is an app that will detect wifi connection. I plan on using this in tandem with the garage code. I, too, posted this question recently.



I just want it to change right away then wait 3.5 hours to reverse everything.

I have two suggestions:

a) Can you give Sarah access to your WiFi? And then use something like @jwetzel1492's iPhone WiFi presence sensor (works with iPhone & Android) to determine when she's left?

b) I have a Fingbox (cost all of $99 a couple years ago). It integrates with IFTTT, and I trigger a Hubitat switch to turn on/off when the Fingbox detects/no-longer-detects Pattie's phone. Using a Fingbox obviates the need to provide access to your WiFi network.

And now, I must go back to watching football :slight_smile: