Circulation fan app

When my house was built a little while back it had a insteon bathroom/exhast fan installed.

Basically all it did was make sure a fan ran for atleast x min every hour. I recently pulled that switch and replaced it with a zen30 double switch.

Are there any fan apps for exhast usage like this?

I use this to run my dehumidifier in the garage.

@jtp10181 has also done a variation of his own.

I should probably add, this uses a humidity reading... Do you have a sensor?

I have a variety of humidity sensors. But my focus right now is just on it running for a given time per hour which is probably more like a exhast fan then a bathroom fan. I will take a look at it.

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I just checked that app and it doesn't seem to fix what I am looking for. That app is focusing completely on Humidity, but doesn't seem to look at other factors like simply wanting to exchange fresh air in on a given interval. I actually have a Humidity management app of my own, but for the purpose of turning on/and off a humidifer, dehumidifers.

I wonder what @jtp10181 has. I may be looking at working on something again to fill this needed.

Yeah, that makes sense now that I think about it.....

But I would have expected that a "simple" rule, in any of the various of built-in apps could be used to run a switch on a schedule, even which some extra conditions to determine whether to turn on the switch.


I was checking to see if there was already a app to do it though. It is a little bit more complicated then a simple schedule since i need to keep track of the runtime of the fan.

What i am thinking is something like this.

  1. Set a minimum time per hour for run time
  2. Monitors for manual on/off's to prevent excessive runtime per hour
  3. Monitors Humidity to ensure it doesn't pull in excessively dry or wet air into the house.
  4. Uses Internal out outside sensors to determine humidity.

Seems better suited to a app instead of trying to do it in RM

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My app is just fork of the one posted above, I added a couple of features to it.

You're right... sounds like a good candidate for an app... :slight_smile:

You know another possibility is i am giving the Insteon switch to much credit and a simple on/off timer on the switch could do the trick as well.


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@mavrrick58 ...Here is a link to a scheduler app that may work for you. I have not tried it but it looks like it is what you are looking for...

EDIT: Upon further review, I am not sure if it will do x min every hour. You might have to look into creating a Rule Machine rule.