Chromecast status

Is it possible to use chromecast status (playing, paused...) as rule trigger?

I would like to turn on my amplifier with speakers (Tradfri outlet) when casting to chromecast (status: playing) and turn off after for example 5-10 minutes) when chromecast is in paused (or not playing state).
Any ideas? I'm still hubitat noob I admit.

If RM can't do it, you could try WATO (or a combination of WATO, a virtual switch, and Rule Machine.)


Did you get this working? I want to do something similar but don't see Chromecast status updating consistently.

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Unfortunately I didn't have time to check this yet. But I saw on chromecast's device page that status is not working correctly sometimes

I am interested in this too. I want to monitor the status of a Chromecast and when playing turn on Oknyo, when stopped turn off, when paused for 20 minutes turn off. This was my favorite HomeAssisant automation I made and need to replace.

WATO worked great for this, I'm glad it was mentioned as I'm a noob and will have other uses for it. I have also seen some unreliability with the status on Chromecasts, that needs some attention for sure. Thanks.

Has anyone worked out how to turn off a Chromecast device via rule machine ?

Any updates on this thread? Hoping someone has figured this out. I'm trying the cast-web path to see if status monitoring is any more consistent there, but am having some issues getting that up and running. I've posted about those here, for anyone following along.

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