Chromecast Integration Volume Setting Log Warnings

Hello All,

I have been trying to track-down a volume setting issue on a Google Home Mini speaker and noticed the random warnings for this device which is unique to only this speaker and not any of the other Mini's. This makes me feel like this may be related to the volume setting issues. Any Ideas?

Not sure if it will help in your circumstance, but I've had success sending a single space string (" ") to the device (to speak) prior to changing the volume.

Any idea how to use the Google Mini to chime or send a tone? Any special characters.

I will test that trick now thank you.

Still nothing, can you share a snippet of your code possibly :slight_smile:

Thanks Again

Maybe try going to the device page and send the text. If you don't hear anything then the connection is lost. Rerun the discovery app to re-establish the connection. Then try it again. Also recommend to use the Chromecast Helper app to ping the device every 4 mins to keep the connection alive.

Yes that works fine and I always have a connection but the issue is that I cannot set the volume and the app follow me also doesn't change the volume which is weird because it works on all of the speakers. And then today I saw those warnings and was hoping they were related to try to track this thing down.

Not sure if that is possible. But you can use "Play Track" to play an MP3 from the web/url. So you could stick your desired sound into a location on the Web (like github). I guess it should also be possible to play one from a local web server like an rPi.

@Angus_M I uploaded a .mp3 to Github and used the URL in the Play Track section withing the Google device. All it does it beeps once and never plays the mp3.

That's strange. It should work. Maybe this thread will help...

My logs are also getting spammed with this messaging. It's happening for a bunch of my chromecast/minis. Wasn't trying to use them but noticed logs getting filled up.