Chromecast Integration - time out on setVolume

I have an automation that runs text to speech on one of my Chromecasts. It started working again after a recent firmware update - which I was thrilled with. I wanted to add a call to increase the volume of the Chromecast before the text to speech, however. In testing, it worked fine, but not when I try to do this (via the automation, or testing from the device page), I get an error. This error, when it occurs in an automation, kills everything after it from running too, which isn't ideal

The error is below. Anyone have any ideas?

java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Execution timed out after 45 units. Start time: Sun Jan 15 20:01:04 EST 2023 on line 306 (method setVolume)

Might add your comments to this post: Chrome cast tts quit working - #4 by tsviper appears to be the same issue.

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Good find, thanks.