Chromecast Integration no longer working

Sorry, noob here.

My Chromecast integration was working fine but has stopped. I recently upgraded my network hardware but I can't remember if it stopped working before that or not.

I'm using a Ubiquiti USG, switch and WiFi access points. My Hubitat is connected to the switch and I have 5 Google Home Assistant devices connected via WiFi. They are all discovered and appear in the device list.

Sometimes one of them will randomly start working but most of the time they don't and I get error messages in the logs like this:

dev:5462019-09-30 17:47:38.100 errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method setVolume() on null object (volumeUp)

dev:5462019-09-30 17:47:32.205 No route to host (Host unreachable) (initialize)

Can anyone tell me what's going wrong?

Are you using a reserved address for them ? Most devices work much better when there IP address doesn't change.

I've set a static IP for my Hubitat but not my Google devices, I'll try that, thanks.

I use Ubiquiti device also, real easy to set IPs and manage the network. All of my home automation devices use reserved addresses especially Google and Lifx devices.

I've set static IPs and they're all working now except one. It just keeps saying it's buffering in the logs when I try to get it to announce something.

Use the "Chromecast Helper" app to ping them every 4 minutes. I've found that helps in my setup.

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I added that app, first community app I've added, however the Google device that isn't working still doesn't work when I initialize. I might try factory resetting it.

I've sometimes found it necessary to send a text string to the device to wake it up. Use that option in the device page and then tweak the volume and see if the page shows it responding to the volume changes. From then on mine seem to stay connected quite well.

So with static IPs and with Chromecast Helper installed, 4 of my 5 devices are working with TTS. The last device is a JBL Link View, it is discovered, appears in the device list and the volume buttons work. When I send it TTS, I get the 'pre broadcast bell' but no TTS. The log says that Media Source is Hubitat, then buffering and then idle, no TTS.

Could you explain how to make the google devices static please? Thank you.

It's slightly different for each type of router, what brand are you using?

Samsung mesh ET-WV525KWEGUS

You need to log into your router and find a setting like static address or IP reservation, can you see that?

Set a static IP address that's not currently assigned to any device, if you're not sure which is your Google device then check the Mac address which should be physically printed on it somewhere and compare that to your client list in your router settings. If you're not sure which IP address to give it, just assign it the same address that it has already.

Alternatively, if you look in the Hubitat Google device page, you'll see that device's IP address. If you assign that static IP then you won't need to run discovery again.

I've found Chromecast integration to be working when it should not be. I've disabled it 3 days ago to see if my hub slowdowns change, yet i've not missed a single TTS message played through chromecast.

Sounds good. I'll check it out. Thanks for your assistance.

I'm jealous, TTS was probably my most used hubitat feature when it was working.

Chromecast integration is not discovering my devices. I have unifi equipment installed, it use to work I still use my USG pro 4 but upgraded my AP's to the NANO's and upgraded to the Ubiquiti UniFi Cloud Key Gen2 Plus. I was running the controller on my windows server. Anyway not sure if this had stopped working prior to the upgrades or not but I noticed I had no control over the devices a few days ago. So I have tried to uninstall/reinstall the beta app and the issue continues. These devices are all on the same subnet.

My Google Minis are working fine, but I'm still on platform My minis used to go to sleep and not respond. I made a rule with periodic event trigger of ever 2 hours to run a custom action that sends an initialize and then a refresh. There is also a member user custom app to keep minis alive, but I have not tried it.

Yeah mine use to detect with no issues. Not certain it is the ubiquity equipment causing the issue but looking at the forums there are a lot of people with that equipment experiencing issues.

I just upgraded my AP's and the cloud key recently could be a coincidence but diddn't notice the issue until after the upgrade. I'm on the latest firmware

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