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Is there a way that instead of discovering google home on my network to just sign in and have them exposed that way? Similar to Alexa app and others

I am running into issues where my google homes are constantly dropping off my WiFi since I’m on a mesh with both 2.4/5ghz

When they’re connected to a separate guest network that is only 2.4 seems to stay connected. Unfortunately to migrate all my smart WiFi devices to 2.4 just to have a stable WiFi connection for my google homes will take ages and not interested in that headache.

Thanks I’m advance for any insight.

I'm not an expert in networking or the Chromecast app, but i suspect your problems are being caused by something else. Are you saying that the google devices are losing their Wi-Fi connection altogether? Or is it just that hubitat can't seem to find them on the network? If the latter, have you assigned them static IPs? If they are using dynamic IPs, they'll get "lost" every time their IP lease expires and they get a new IP. Rediscovery fixes the problem, but only for a short time. An IP reservation in the router is the best solution.

Losing altogether. Static ip have been assigned

I found one thread online saying that google homes can’t support above channel 149 I believe. Issue is on 5ghz my router does not allow me to set specific channel. It’s all automatic. I have a TP-Link deco mesh

I've got a few connected higher than 149... I don't think that's your issue. They probably connect better to the 2.4 Ghz network since that naturally travels further and through things better than 5 Ghz.

Example of one my Nest Hubs

I agree... I've got my router set to channel 153. I've never seen the issue you describe.

@harold.min How did you get that connection info for your device? Is that something the OP could use to troubleshoot his setup?

My signals are strong. 1 home is about 15 feet from router. Other is 25-30.

Unfortunately no, that's part of the Unifi admin interface.

Some devices have that problem. For that very reason I created an SSID just for 2.4 devices. (not a guest network, keep it on the same subnet) and just keep them there. It's an easy solution.

I wish that simple. My mesh doesn’t have that option. “To ensure seamless roaming”

If all your ap's are on separate channels and you can create a single ssid on just the 2.4, it should be fine, or does your network not have the ability to separate ssid's?

No ability to do that. Only thing I can do is make a guest network solely with 2.4. But then I would need to move my hub and other smart devices to the guest network which is a headache.

I just skimmed over the deco manual... Sometimes, making things TOO simple for the end users gets in the way of functionality.

I doubt that you would want to put everything on a guest network anyways. Those are typically segmented away from your main network creating more problems for you (casting from your phone).

Sorry, I don't really have any ideas for you...

Thank you for looking. I agree with everything you said.

I do like tplink products I think they are made well but also made for the masses so sometimes simple and convenient can get in the way.

That’s why I was hoping maybe an option in the app can allow me to login to my google account to expose those devices

I think the short answer to that is no.

The long(er) answer is that unless your Google Homes are behaving on the network, they just won't work very well (even if you could hard code them). Casting relies so heavily on mDNS that, if you're having any type of network issue, they just fail a large percentage of the time.

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@harold.min says, it scans your network, it doesn't pull from the online google config

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Lol thank you.
Is there a way to pull it from google like the way ring does?

No.... Hubitat scans the local network. Though you should set a DHCP reservation for all of them including hubitat.

Or get Sonos. :rofl:

Honestly, I've had to jump through so many hoops to get my Cast Groups to work reliably, I can't really recommend it for that purpose to others. I gave up on the Hubitat Chromecast app entirely.

In fact, this was one of the main drivers for me to move my automation rules over to Node-Red... I would rather go through the pain of learning a new engine and moving everything over rather than buying new stuff.