Chromecast integration beta

Mine has been fairly reliable but I also run the Chromecast Helper from BPTWorld.
In a pefect world where I was born rich there would probably be a Sonos' (Soni? :slight_smile: but I don't think "Hey Sonos" does anything :wink:

Mine actually works fine but I’m just annoyed that they drop off the WiFi often.

As long as they’re connected they work.

So if I can find a way for them to be on a diff more reliable network that is not the same as what my Hubitat is connected to that would fix my issues.

Unfortunately, I think you're out of luck with your current wireless solution.

I wonder if you could create two Hubitat devices for each google device... one for the 5 ghz band and one for the 2.4 ghz. In theory, your router could have two IP reservations, one for each MAC/interface on the device. Then you could send TTS commands to both HE devices. Seems like a long shot, but maybe?

They would still have the same ip and the same MAC address so that couldn't be done

Is there no way to just have you login in to pull the devices?
My ring devices are on separate WiFi and I’m able to access them via login

No... Those are 2 very different architectures. Hubitat scans your local subnet with mdns... The google API doesn't have the ability to just pull stuff like the ring... (seperate wifi has nothing to do with it)