Chromecast Integration audio issue

I have two rules setup in rule machine that are monitoring the power of my washer and dryer and utilize nest hubs to broadcast that loads are done when conditions are met. The problem I am having is that occasionally they seem to get stuck. If you try and tell the nest hubs to play audio, you get the below image and its stuck there.

Within Hubitat I can see the device has a significant amount of state variables. Has anyone else run into this issue? Anyway I can clear out the state variables each day automatically without it pilling up?

*Quick edit. I am seeing this behavior on all of my nest hubs and mini's that im broadcasting to just for an audio message about the laundry being done.

I've seen that. You may need to reboot the speakers also. Do you have a DHCP address reserved in your router for each one so that if you reboot things, they each get the same IP address as before? That may be something also if your power went out.

Sometimes, clicking the Initialize button will work also to get things unstuck.

I can do static reservation but for all of my google devices, currently its all DHCP where they receive new IP addresses in my smatthings subnet every time they reboot or I lose power. I did lose power a few weeks ago though.

If I am understanding you correctly, you are not running your speakers connected directly to the router that the Hubitat hub is connected to (and therefore on the same subnet), but through a SmartThings hub on a different subnet. That is an entirely different situation then. What I suggested was based on a more direct connection. I have never had a SmartThings hub so I have no experience from which to offer suggestions.

Sorry, to clarify my Hubitat hub is on a subnet within my network that I set up specifically for IoT devices. This is for my google homes and other smart devices. I dont use a smartthings hub, just a separate network that's dedicated only for smart / IoT devices.

The google homes are directly hooked into google and hooked into hubitiat via the chromecast app

I have a rule in rule machine that initializes and refreshes each speaker. This clears that up for me.

Mine uses a virtual switch that I toggle when I notice the issue. You could set it on a timer to do it automatically as well. You could also add this as two actions in your existing rule just before you have it make the announcement.

You need an action for each type of action. But, you can add all the chromecast devices to each action.


Ok those are helpful tips thanks! I initialized the device, it cleared out the state variables. However when I went to go test and run a Speak command with basic text like testing 123, its queing variables again. Nothing is coming out of the speaker

This is the rule I use to initialize the speaker:

Since you have multiple speakers, perhaps you could have multiple devices in the actions. I only have the one, so I haven't looked to see if more than one could be initialized by the same rule.

This community app will also work to keep the Google devices "alive". I rarely have issues and am using the Chromecast helper app with 8 different Google assistant devices.

Where in rule machine can I find the action that allows me to initialize? I can see refresh, poll and other options, but not initialize

Run Custom Action, then select Speech device under capability of action device......

Awesome thank you so much! I am all set up for now

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