Chromecast Feature Enhacements

After using the built-in chromecast function, there are a few things I would like Hubitat to consider for feature requests.

  1. Add option in driver to automatically run the STOP command after SPEAK command completes. This is very useful for display devices (like Google Home Hub) so that you don't have to wait 5 minutes before the Hub goes from the ChromeCast screen back to its normal operation screen.

  2. Add option to specify speak volume, and return to original volume after speaking

Thanks for the consideration,


I didn't realize that request 1 was an issue. Just tested it.

A definite +1 for me on both of these.

+1 on both

Also, as I've mentioned before it would be nice if the drivers could queue an announcement from HE if a previous announcement from HE is playing so that a second announcement doesn't cancel the first.

I'd like to see the Volume attribute correctly report the volume setting of the device without having to click Refresh. After issuing a Speak command, it seems to always show 100. A quick press of Refresh restores the setting to its correct value. So, this is probably more of a bug than a feature, but it is something to add to the list.


I'm still waiting for "default speak volume" to be added to the native Home preferences. +1 from me.


I already made custom commands that do these exact things with a TTS Finisher rule to return volume to normal and stop 1 minute after speech.

Kinda nice that my "mommy's home" announcement stops the baby shark trap remix and we can hide the child rave gear in time for my wife to think we're being civil...


Could you post examples?

Is a Finisher Rule something special? Or just a regular rule that your primary rule executes after a Chromecast TTS? Or something else altogether?

Somebody smart pointed out of you select actuators the cast devices will show up.
I will make a video tonight because it's a little hard to explain.


It's an action with a delay that executes my custom command to lower the volume and stop after 1 min.
This is triggered by the initial TTS rule.

+1 to see what @keithcroshaw has created. :+1:t2:

Here's a sneak peak. I won't be able to record the process and edit in some text. Really thinking about making a YouTube channel. Wish I had supplies to duplicate everything in SmartThings for people interested in that.

Edit: just realized my kids funny reminder is in there. Oh well not worth blurring out. It's pretty funny when they react to it like😮

@halfrican.ak and @njanda
Here's an example of me creating a Custom Command using Rule Machine.
Thanks to @destructure00 for the tip about selecting the device type as Actuator.

So I have a Rule run a custom command to set the volume to 80 (video shows 90)
then another to speak the message
I link to my TTS Finisher Actions which set the volume back to 60 and issues Stop() to get the silly remote icon off of my Home Hub.

Enjoy let me know if I'm doing something wrong.
I'd love to make some demo videos and things like that.


Hey nice one Keith. Thanks.

It looks like I'm going to have to construct commands to 'refresh' my Google Home Mini before I get her to 'Speak' anything. :frowning:
I'm also wondering if I've created the problem by turning off her mic and anything else 'assistant-like'.

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Interesting thought. I saw the behavior for the first time tonight.
It's probably a bug that will be fixed soon.
I might have hit the refresh button before I reported that my problems fixed themselves, can't quite remember.
I'll have to see what happens when TTS should naturally occur tomorrow.

Thanks for the process video. Sorry the very dumb question, how I use the created command ?

I'm trying to use them to wake up to my Google Home Mini (sending 'refresh'), then set volume, then send a 'speak' command.
It's all trial and error, but something like this...

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Nice trick! Thanks

Most of my messages are through HSM or Message Central, not sure if I can use the command there, probably not.

@vjv it's thx to @keithcroshaw for the tip, and so far it appears to have overcome my Chromecast issue. Yay.