Chromecast audio voice

I have a couple of rules that announce when someone presses a doorbell button that announce over my Google Home Minis. The rule works just fine, it is the voice that is terrible. Can someone point me where I can change that voice? Is it in Google or the HE? I thought I saw settings for HE and the voice it uses but can't find it.

I found it in HE. DOH

For those who might be looking for it, go to settings then hub details. You'll see this:


@elentz do you get delay between devices when the button is pressed?

Possibly. I have three of them in different parts of the house.

I get crazy delay. When I get round to setting up my PIR sensors. I'm going to make a rule that doesn't announce to all when doorbell is pressed, but just ones that are near active PIR, Kinda like a follow me doorbell :stuck_out_tongue:

That sounds like a plan. I would look at your network for latency. That might be producing the delay. Remember that you are using a cloud service

Follow Me :wink::grin:

Follow you where? :stuck_out_tongue: for some reason I thought I saw this on Smart Things. Great stuff more tinkering I can do tonight.