Checking the code of a driver

is there a way to peek into Groovy code of built-in drivers?

I got a zwave Zooz tilt/shock XS sensor thinking that it will return an angle of a tilt, not just [open/close] binary value. Zwave inclusion detects it fine and uses a built-in driver (Zooz ZSE43 Tilt Shock XS Sensor) - but it doesn't return an angle value.

Can I check how driver is written and decide if I need to rewrite what driver returns to HE, or is sensor itself returning a binary value that is then just passed on through driver to HE?

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The only code that Hubitat releases is found at:

and the tilt sensor common definition is a contact sensor, as I answered in your other question.


yeah, not according to the thread that I linked there too... :smiley:

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Wherever did you get this idea? The product page clearly indicates it only returns open/close. There are a few zigbee tilt vibration sensors that can report xyz angle/position.


Lack of research and blind assumptions, I guess... :slight_smile:

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