Chatty devices after initiating scene

I noticed in my log that after I turned on a scene, the log became very chatty with devices reporting their statuses. The chatty devices seem to be Leviton z-wave plus switches that work fine otherwise.

These devices are just using the generic z-wave smart dimmer driver which has worked fine. I know there is now a leviton driver but it has even more issues (see my other post here: Caution advised using the new Leviton DZ6HD Z-Wave Dimmer)

Any suggestions why these devices would go crazy reporting their statuses when a scene is activated?

Its a problem that a number of people have been having with Z-Wave devices. No solution yet - we all seem to be just waiting for a solution (beyond someone stating the catch-all "maybe a Z-wave mesh problem"). A hub firmware problem seems likely as many report this after upgrading to the 2.2.3 firmware series.

THanks for that information. I notice it's not just after initiating a scene. In this screenshot, I just turned on my dining room light from the hubitat dashboard and got the same issue. Although, becuase of my leviton switches, which regardless of the driver I use in Hubitat, don't work properly and are reporting a physical off event even though it was a digital off event.

One more update to add: it seems to only be my Leviton switches that are using the Generic Smart Dimmer driver. I have one Leviton dimmer which is on Hubitat's Leviton Dimmer driver (which I found very slow to report statuses) but it's not reporting duplicate statuses. However it does have the issue where when I use the dashboard to turn it off, in the log, it reports a digital off status but then shortly after a physical off status and the a physical 99% brightness status.

EDIT: Nevermind, this switch with Hubitat's Leviton driver is doing it as well, just not as consistently as the other switches.

I'm seeing this with my Dome flood sensors. I have history going back a year, and only noticed this a bit after the latest upgrade, I'm seeing multiple messages at certain times

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