Caution advised using the new Leviton DZ6HD Z-Wave Dimmer

Just wanted to provide a word of caution for anyone with these dimmers and thinking of using the new Leviton DZ6HD driver instead of the Generic Smart Dimmer driver.

After upgrading to the Leviton driver, status updates are very slow. On my dashboard I now look at an hour-glass for a second or so before the status updates whereas my other Leviton dimmers on the old driver are instantaneous. It also doesn't properly log digital vs physical status changes.

The caution comes in because now the Generic Smart Dimmer driver doesn't work at all if I switch back to it. (yes, hitting save and configure).

So you may want to stick with the Generic Smart Dimmer. I was excited to be able to use the new Leviton driver to change the LED status of the dimmers so hopefully this gets fixed but for now you'll want to stick with the Generic Smart Switch Dimmers.

Note: I've upgraded all my Leviton Dimmers and Switches to the newest firmware which I think is 1.2?

Don't really know if it will help you go back to the generic driver, but in the past in between driver changes I temporarily set the driver to "Device". The "Device" driver is an "empty" driver that does nothing.

You might try excluding and re-including. This will clear out all the state variables.


I agree with @JohnRob's suggestion . But you don't need to exclude/include. Temporarily change the driver to this one from @BorrisTheCat. Clear out state variables, and then return to the desired driver and hit configure.


Hi Guys, thanks for your suggestions. I tried setting the driver to just 'device' like @JohnRob said. No luck.

Installed the clean device driver, cleared out state variables and then went back to the Generic z-wave smart dimmer and no luck. The generic driver still now won't update the device status unless I hit the refresh button in the device page. Switching back to the new Leviton driver, I get the states updating again but it's painfully slow. Basically stare at an hourglass on my dashboard till it decides to update the status.

Really don't want to exclude and re-include as, since it's z-wave, I'll have to redo all my automations that include that device. Argh! I should have just left it on the Generic driver, if it's not broke, don't fix it, right!? But I figured it's a Hubitat native driver so should be good.

I'm sorry that didn't work out. Sadly, it looks like your next option is to exclude & include.

However, before you do that, let me tag two zwave experts in the community for their thoughts/suggestions - @bcopeland @jeubanks

This driver also has an issue with HE not properly detecting if it was a physical/virtual event. All events are shown as physical no matter if you use the switch itself or HE to control the light.

I do not have this issue with the generic z-wave driver.

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