Changing color of dashboard tile scene

I did search and didn't come up with much beyond a couple of years ago. Is there a way to change colors for a dashboard tile for a scene? It has on and off on the tile but it would be nice to have colors based on status.... @Sebastien are you doing anything like that?

Do I understand that you want the a dashboard tile to change color based on if a scene is on or off?

On option would be to set a template color to what you want, but everything on that dashboard using that template would be of that same color.

I’m sure there are some good CSS options that would do what you need…

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I used the switch template for mine:

And adjusted the background colours in the Switch Template for the On and Off states:

The only thing I do in the CSS that I think is having an impact is removing the title:

#tile-20 .tile-title {display: none;}

This works well, but it doesn't let me turn off. Any advice?


Yes, but it's a scene tile..

Using a switch template works as @sburke781 advised, but it doesn't turn the scene off when I switch it back to off. :cry:

I think that will come down to your config for the scene, I'm pretty sure there is a setting for whether it can be turned off.

I don't see that in here... I see ignore activate off but that's it.

Hmmm, that's what I was thinking of ...

Yeah no matter which way it's set it won't turn off with the switch template

I’m curious as to what happens when you press the “off” button on the dashboard? (I’ve never tried what you are trying to do - rarely use scenes… also never seen a button with an on/off switch on it!)

It just hour glasses on the tile. Refresh shows it's on, and watching the scene page it doesn't go off

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Now that I think about, mine is not actually a HE scene, it's an advanced hue integration scene that allows me to use it like that. I'll see what I can work out later today if you are still having issues.

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I have a hue bridge but the lighting there is on Caseta...

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I was literally just about to start taking a look. Let's see what I can find out....

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Thanks... I muchly appreciate muchacho...

I have a HE Scene Activator device on a dashboard using the Switch template. At first I did not have the "Ignore activate switch off?" turned on.... Yeah I know, about three true/false phrases in that one sentence, but bear with me....

When I have the scene configured like the screenshot, I can turn the scene on / off via the switch tile on the dashboard. With that setting turned on, I can only activate the scene (turn it on) with a switch tile, which doesn't tally with your earlier comment, which has me stumped.....

But hang on, now the scene activator device is not reflecting the settings in the scene child app....

Can you confirm the value of the ignoreOff State Variable on the Scene Activator device linked to the scene?

I have been able to see this change from false to true by turning on the setting from my earlier post, but cannot see it change back to false when I turn the setting off in the scene child app.

Definitely off.... Take a look at this... I captured the behavior

If you go to the Devices page there should be a device with the same name as the scene. If you open that device, I'm interested to see that ignoreOff setting shown in my last post.