Changed static IP Address of Hub Now App won’t work


I changed the IP address of my Hubitat hub now my Hubitat app won’t find my hub.
Search for hub finds no hubs. The app has local access.
If I select hub diagnostic the old ip address is displayed.
Registered Hubs shows the old ip address.
Deleting the app has not helped either.

How can I update the Hubitat app to point to new ip address?

Takes a wee bit for the hub to check in and update it. Sometimes you can speed it up by rebooting the hub.

Hubs been rebooted a few times.

It’s almost like the old ip address is hard coded in my account somewhere.

As in you can access the hub via the app if you're local? I presume you mean the device the app is loaded on should have network access, is that correct?

When you say you set a static IP, you did so via the Settings menu in Hubitat?

I can’t access the hub via the app - local or remote.

I changed the ip from the Hubitats web UI setting menu yes.

From the app, Registered Hubs shows old ip

Is there a reason you are doing a static IP on the hub instead of DHCP? It is typically better to do a IP address reservation in your router instead.

To reset the hub network to stock, press the button under the hub for at least 7 seconds.

Check this thread, same problem and the eventual solution was to just wait longer

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Resolved. The fix was to flip the hub to DHCP with a binding (i kept the new IP address).

After reboot I was able to go to select Hub.
Strangely enough it appears the hub binds some config to a iPhone device or specific iPhone name as when I go select hub, I see two entries. Anyone know why I see two entries here and how delete one?

Those are devices that get created on the hub where the app can report the presences status to. Whichever one you do not want to use can be deleted from the devices list.


When you set a static, you may have to go back into it again and set the DNS ( recommended). That said, it's better to keep it on DHCP and then use a DHCP reservation instead. (Should do this with all iot devices)

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