Change devices attribute in bulk

guy, is there an app that anyone developed where I could select multiple switches (all the same model of switches) and change attribute in bulk?

by default, zooz dimmers will turn on to the last level.
so if you have a scene that turns on a given dimmer at 10%, the next time you manually turn on that dimmer, it will not go 100%, but 10%.

it's a parameter than can be change. but I have 40 zooz zen72 dimmers... any way to do them in bulk?

I was going to suggest the built-in Preference Manager app, but I don't think that does device parameters.

didn't know about this one. unfortunatly it does not list the parameter im looking for:

Parameter 25: Choose what you'd like the dimmer to do when you tap the upper paddle once.

Values: 0 – the light will turn on to the last brightness level (default); 1 – the light will turn on to the custom brightness level set in parameter 18; 2 – the light will turn on to the maximum brightness level set in Parameter 11; 3 – the light will turn on to full brightness.

Size: 1 byte dec

If there is a preference for it in the driver (rather than a command, and this is normally the kind of thing that would be a preference), then it should work. The biggest question would be if the driver you're using exposes this. If not, there is at least one community offering I'm aware of, and perhaps it does.

if I go into devices, click a zooz zen72 dimmer and look at preference, parameter 25 is not there.
so the way I found to change parameter 25 is to change to the "basic z wave tool" driver, change parameter 25 and put the zooz driver back.

it's a long process for 40 dimmers. looking at a way to do it in bulk.

Have you checked out the custom driver by @jtp10181 ? (Not sure if it exposes this as a preference; he'd know, or you can try it and see.) [DRIVER] Zooz ZEN Switches Advanced (and Dimmers)

Also, stock Hubitat drivers rarely (never?) label preferences by their corresponding Z-Wave parameter number, nor are all preferences necessarily parameters. What you'd be looking for is an English description of the actual option.

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Yes mine supports #25, should have every parameter supported. Thats my goal anyway.
It will still be a process, but if you switch them all to that custom driver, then you can use the preferences manager to set them all the same in bulk.

When you do set them to my driver, you will probably need to press Configure on each one, and some of the preferences might get changed back to defaults depending on how they have things saved in the back end on the stock driver. I do not have anything in there (yet) to read current settings and sync back to the driver it only goes one way from the driver to the device. But once they are all setup with it you will have full visibility of all the settings and be able to adjust them more easily.