Chamberlain myq wifi garage door opener

Create a Virtual Switch and share that with Google home. Create a rule in Rule Machine that if the switch is on open the door and if off close the door. DONE. If that doesn't work, contact support.

I got it to work now telling google home to turn on the garage door. If I share a virtual switch to google home won't it do the same thing and I will have to say google turn on the garage? I want to be able to say google open the garage so it doesn't sound so weird lol

I also created a virtual garage door controller and when I share it with google it stops sharing after a bit and I don't understand why this is happening.

I just setup a routine in GH to say "open/close garage door" and this just turns on/off the switch.

Tried that in the routines on goole and before I set the routine up it would tell me it wasn't setup at first but after I set it up and pointed it towards the switch to turn on or off it won't do anything. I say hey google open the garage door and the lights will cycle for a bit and then stop and google wont say a word or open the garage door.

This is how mine is setup.

i dont know man, mine is set up the same way and when I say open the garage door it does nothing but if I change the words to something like turn on the garage door then it works or if I say wash the car it works. I am completely baffled as to why it doesnt do or say anything when I say open the garage door.

Is there something that I need to add to google home so it works correctly besides the virtual switch that I added?

I am thinking from what I am reading is google and alexa disabled that feature for security purposes so I will have to stick with telling it to turn on or off

Anyone still using this? When i try to install it I get the following error:

app:16242019-11-24 10:19:40.751 am Bad Request on line 922 (prefListDevices)

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You'll need to update the app and driver. Chamberlain changed the MyQ API so the old version no longer works. Here's a link to the app and driver ported from SmartThings by @dman2306

Found that after I posted, thanks for the link.
I am trying to sort out how to make the open/close into one switch so i dont have to add both to my dashboard.

I may be missing your issue but I have the MyQ app configured with my Samsung multipurpose sensor and the garage door device associated with the MyQ Garage Door Opener type. I then have a dashboard tile for that device associated with the Garage (Control) template. I can use that tile to monitor the status as well as pressing it to open/close the door.

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i got it all figured out, had to upgrade my code and i just created a virtual switch to tie together using Rule Machine, so now my Dashboard has a dingle garage door button to open and close.

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Hi Robert,

Could you please share the link to updated code. I am facing the same issue.

Hi @dpatel9701

Welcome to Hubitat. Read this post (it has a link to the app/driver) and the ones that follow it. You will need a zigbee/z-wave sensor for your garage door (eg. contact sensor, tilt sensor, multipurpose sensor ...)

This code works fine even though it is labeled for ST.

Hi, I'm new to Hubitat (was a Wink user and former developer/employee)

I'm trying to get my 2 garage doors integrated and have tried the instructions listed here but it's failing with one of the errors listed above (I'll have to find it and edit this post)..

But, ultimately my question is related to needing a tilt/contact sensor to use with Chamberlain..

on this site I read why this necessary: hubitat-myq/devicetypes/brbeaird at master · dcmeglio/hubitat-myq · GitHub

Getting the door status will require a separate SmartThings-compatible sensor. It's an unfortunate hassle but is the only way we can do this without polling MyQ for status (which they will not allow done from the SmartThings cloud).

But, as a Hubitat user we're running this from our own hub/IP address, right? I was able to prove that I can get the status of my garage doors using a python project here: GitHub - arraylabs/pymyq: Python wrapper for MyQ API

So, if we can poll for the garage door status -- why do we need a tilt/contact sensor?

You can definitely poll Chamberlain's servers for door status; however, it is claimed they ban accounts for frequent polling.

And therein lies the issue.

P.S. Welcome to Hubitat!

You can definitely poll Chamberlain's servers for door status; however, it is claimed they ban accounts for frequent polling

ahh.. thanks for the quick reply! rats.. that's too bad. I guess Wink and Chamberlain have a a partnership where they allow Wink to poll or more likely there's some webhook in a Wink server that's notified when the door state changes.

I noticed IFTTT has an applet that logs to a spreadsheet when your garage door opens or closes. I assume that's not polling the state or it would also get banned.

Anyway, probably easier to just get 2 tilt or contact sensors.. but, too bad there's not a cleaner way/route

I'm going to assume that because IFTTT is a Chamberlain approved integration, it does poll.