Chamberlain myq wifi garage door opener

I have went through lots of posts but cannot seem to find a way to get this to work

I went to GitHub - bdwilson/Hubitat-myQ: Hubitat Implementation of myQ and added what I could in hubitat but some gave me errors when trying to add to drivers. The myqapp one gave me an error but I did get the myq without sensors one to install in drivers.

How would I go about setting this up to work in rule machine with google? I looked in rule machine but couldnt find the myq chamberlain listed in there after I added the drivers code.

Does anyone have an idea as to what I am doing wrong? I have never added drivers so dont have a clue as to how to use it after its on there and does anyone have any ideas as to why some of them wont install in drivers?

Make sure when installing apps and/or drivers you use the raw code from Github (click the raw button).

After adding the app code, you need to add the actual app by going to apps and clicking the "Add User App" button. The devices should then be created once you configure the app.

thanks and tried it and it didnt work either.

The one giving issues is myqapp.groovy

If you don't mind spending $10 a year you can add IFTTT support to MyQ and then have IFTTT open and close a virtual garage device.

I already spent enough on the garage door motor and the myq so dont want to spend money on a service that everyone else offers for free lol

The app's code has to be installed as an app, not as a driver.

Add momentary-button-tile.groovy, myQDevice-nosensor.groovy, and myQDevice.groovy as drivers but add myQApp.groovy as an app. Then go into apps and select "Add User App" and then select the MyQ Lite from the list. That will create the device for you. No need for you to do anything else.

thanks and got it to create it with no sensors even though I do have the door sensor but it wouldnt show in the list but it did list my garage door.

I shared this with google home but cannot get it to show up at all in its list. Any idea as to why that is or how to get that to work with google?

What do you mean? Are you trying to open the garage door with Google Home? Can you open and close the Garage door from the Edit Device page?

Just went to check and it didnt work so I opened the myq app and it says its not getting a wifi signal at the moment so I will try when it connects again lol

If it does work how would I go about getting google to open that then?


if you opener isn't working, how do you know you haven't gotten it to work with Google already and the the opener isn't the problem? If your opener isn't working, you can't debug the rest of it.

i did get it to close when i pushed the button but its offline again whiich i will fix when I am able to move the wifi router closer

I still cannot get it to show up in google on the list of devices and I did share it with google from hubitat.

Do you have other devices setup and working with GH? Or is this your first?

I am kind of at a loss. I got the garage door opener to show up in google but the garage door closer and garage door wont show up and when I go back into hubitat and check with google home they are unchecked and not being shared so I will share them again and then go into a different tab and then back and check to make sure they are being shared and they are at that point but after a bit they stop sharing and dont show up in google. The only one that will show up is garage door opener

Slow down for a second.....

Do not share the opener and closer, just share the Garage Door device. It will work like a switch with on for open and off for closed.

And you didn't answer my question. Is this the first device you are trying to set up with Google Home or do you have others already working?

I have other lights and switches in google working already and I shared only garage door and it stays as being shared until I refresh google home to look for it and when its done refreshing i check to see if its in the list and it isnt and when i go back into hubitat and make sure its checked on the list I find that it isnt being shared anymore

You said you're using the no-sensor version? I'm using the sensor version and it shows up and works fine.

when i click on the garage door under devices and scroll to the bottom it doesnt say it is being used by myq it is blank. The opener and the closer both say they are being used by myq, is yours this way as well?

the garage door also says it is a [
MyQ Garage Door Opener-NoSensor and the other two says they are a momentary tile button

I can share it with Alexa but it doesnt show up in her device list anywhere but at the sametime it doesnt stop being shared with echo skill either. The only one that will stop sharing is google home, is yours shared through google as well?

If you would read what I write, that would save me from having to repeat myself.

Do you have a contact sensor already setup on the door or not?

Yeah, I hear you but $10 a year and I don't have to spend time trying to get it working with a reversed engineered api that doesn't support the tilt sensor I have. What I reallly wish is it had local calls like the Hue Hub. There is a web service on the box so its there just not open.