Chamberlain myq wifi garage door opener


the only sensors that I have are the door sensors that came with the motor so they are not part of the myq wifi hub and like I wrote earlier the sensor I have on that is the door sensors that tells if it is open or closed and from what I am reading from Rich that sensors doesnt seem to be supported so thats why I need to use the no sensor version.

Maybe I need to buy some contact sensors like you have to go with it to get it to work?


What web service are you talking about? The one by MyQ that you have to pay for?


The device itself is running web services. It just isn't publicly documented and might be locked to their cloud.


did you install the app and the device driver? I just did them last week and they work great


Newbie chiming in.
Please differentiate between user app and built in app. Folks caused me to be a little confused by saying just "app".



Well, if you have to first install the code, I would assume that everyone would know it's a user app. If you don't, go watch the beginner videos again. You're welcome to follow behind me and clarify but I don't think anyone misunderstood.


yes and then you go through the setup for it to create the garage door and other 2 for the close and open.

Mine is created with no sensors since i have no contact sensors and since the app also doesnt read the tilt sensor as well.

Maybe you use the sensor version and that may work fine but the no sensor version isnt working correctly for me.

Also here is what mine looks like when being set up and not sure if the different versions are screwing with it?


you are correct I do run the sensor version.


any idea where I can get contact sensors that work with myq and my chamberlain door opener? My opener has the normal beam sensors


Any tilt sensor works great. I have the Monoprice tilt sensor


thanks will have to give it a try and see how it works. I have the tilt sensor that came with the myq hub and I guess it isnt supported with the hubitat codes which is odd


Why would it have to work with your door opener? You want it to work with HUBITAT not with MyQ.


thats so I can use the version with the sensor instead of without. I am thinking maybe something is wrong with the code for the one without sensors

The sensor he listed is a zwave device so will work with hubitat


All you need is any Zigbee/Z-wave contact sensor that is compatible with HE, you don't even need a tilt sensor..... The Myq app will work without the sensors but I believe the reporting of the door's status will not function.

I have been using this for 7-8 months without issues. I just installed 2 contact sensors one for each door.


Just to clarify, in the no sensor version, the door's status will only match if HE is the one who made the change. Any local changes or changes from the MyQ app on your phone will not be reflected in HE.


It wouldnt work on hubitat at first for sharing so I changed its description to genaric zwave shock sensor and then myq seen it so I could add it.

Just like I thought when I added it and changed it to a genaric zwave device then I could share the Garage door to google home. Now the only issue it has is it is showing as a switch for some reason so I need to say turn off the garage to close and turn on to open.

Any ideas as to why it is showing like then when shared?


You cannot use HE paired devices on MyQ, this is to integrate exiting MyQ door openers into HE.


I was using it with the myq user code that I added and the drivers as well.

I tried using the no sensor version and that won't share to google home for some reason but when I added this sensor after changing its description then the myq software allowed me to add it to it as a contact sensor and then allowed me to share the garage door to google home.

Now when I share it though it shows up as a switch for on or off.


Yeah that is how GH sees it. You used to be able to tell GH open/close the door but at some point this stopped working. You can get around this by either setting up a routine on GH using "open garage door/close garage door," or you can just setup a virtual garage door device and a rule. Then just share that virtual garage door device to GH.


tried that but when I share the virtual garage door with google home it wont share and I am not sure why. Google is getting a bit frustrating