Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Support [OUT OF DATE]

Just curious is this what HA does? They seem to be able to get the open/close state as well as be notified if you operate it normally... Really wish we could do the same without sensors.

That would be nice but I don't know how to do that.

Has anyone gotten their door to work again since the API switch?

they revert the change back, right?

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Mine never stopped working.

Mine didn't work that one day a couple weeks ago, but has been fine since from what I can tell. Granted I only use Hubitat to actually operate the door once or twice per week, but it hasn't failed in any of those times. I use the Homelink button in the car normally, but I do use Hubitat to check to see if the door was left open and I do use the open and close events to run lights.

Mine worked seconds ago. Like others mine never stopped working. I read on other forums that MyQ restored the old APIs again.

I reinstalled all the code and it seems to work again. 3 days ago it gave me an error, its why i asked. Thanks

Is this worth buying if I haven't done anything in the way of automation for my garage door yet? I.e. do we have reliably working drivers/apps yet? Sorry just this thread is sooo long and I haven't found any convincing posts in either direction yet.

I have never had a problem with mine. And I like the fact that I have a backup to close the garage door if my Hub is on the fritz. If you only have a z-wave or zigbee device, then you are stuck with controlling only via hubitat. Also, MyQ now supports Amazon Lock in the US. So, you can have Amazon packages left in your garage.

At this point MyQ integration works fine. You never know if or when they might change something though. MyQ has been mostly reliable over the years, I can only recall maybe one day a year or so they have been down.

I like the idea of redundancy of the MyQ app along with Hubitat, but that is pretty low on the must have list. Since moving to Hubitat this April, I don't think I have basically opened the MyQ app. With Wink, I used it all the time because Wink didn't work half the time.

I think I would go Z-wave or Zigbee of some type next time only for the reason it would be compatible with multiple hubs and can be used offline without a paid or cloud based service. I don't know of any particular devices like this only because I haven't needed them.

I should also say, I bought my MyQ gateway when I already had a myQ compaitable wall switch (bought for the timer function) and Home Deopot had them on sale for like $23. So, it was cheaper than the z-wave alternatives. But if you are putting in a new opener and are picking one that has myQ anyway, nothing says you can't add a z-wave device to it too. Best of both worlds.

Yea, I should have mentioned that too. I had MyQ before anything else. I got the Wink hub to do more than MyQ could. At $23 now, it is pretty much a no-brainer. If it stops working in a year, you got your money's worth because at that point something better or cheaper will be out.

I paid something close to $100 way back in early 2014. I would have a harder time justifying that amount today because of other products on the market. You can buy a Z-wave or other opener for less than $100, but not cheaper than $23.

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It is not an issue of reliable drivers....

The issue is that Chamberlain wants a walled garden... And they want that walled garden to be an active revenue generating ecosystem. That is way the charge for certain features (such as IFTTT support)...

To ensue that they have a walled garden, they regularly make changes to their API or Access Control to specifically exclude third party access to the system... At one point, when all the different platform API drivers were not working (due to a massive change in obtaining the access tokens), a user on the Chamberlain forums mentioned that there was a driver for a platform that used the Website dashboard API that was still working... There was no reply on the chamberlain forum, but within 12 hours, Chamberlain had deployed changes to the website dashboard (which had not previously been changes in over 3 years) that broke the working driver.

They actively try to prevent third party access. They will eventually manage to exclude third party drivers permanently. Do NOT rely on any MyQ automation for any length of time.

What you're saying does make sense as this is obviously priced in the "razer and blades model" range. Manufacturers who use that model actively work against what you the consumer ultimately would rather have and will actively work against you if you're more of a tinkerer (I stopped buying from Tivo and Apple for this reason.) so I'll probably avoid this then. Thanks!

Any thoughts on what I might do instead?

It depends on what type of budge you have, what type of device you want and what type of opener you have.

Hmm...I'm giving this another look because every other way I've thought of doing this leaves a bit to be desired. Does anybody filter this thing from internet access and still have it work? I'm thinking I might do that, and only allow it to update if there are any vulnerabilities discovered. Does anybody else do this with any success?

What do you mean, "filter it from internet access"? You mean your MyQ gateway? No, you can't do that. It won't work. It's a cloud integration, not a local one.

How are some people controlling it with hubitat then?

I believe that this and most of the cloud apps on Hubitat "pretend" they are an Android app. They send the same "signal" to Chamberlain as your phone would, but because the app runs from within Hubitat it can be used for automations and other purposes.

Sorry, bad info. Ignore the above.