Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Support [OUT OF DATE]

Do you have Liftmaster Selected in the app?

So I just installed hubitat last night... No Idea at all on how to add a custom app. Downloaded from github, installed the driver and the app. Then simply went through adding the app and credentials for chamberlain.. Worked first time, perfectly... Thank you SO MUCH for doing this. I was worried about lack of support for myq.
This has always been part of my nightly routine. 9pm lockdown. deadbolts, etc.. check to see if garage is open if so, close it.
thanks again

Morning Ryan, Yes I have Liftmaster selected. I do have a commercial opener (not sure if that makes a difference). The MyQ site did require me to chose that as an option during setup of my account when I added the opener.

Thanks for the help!

I don't know that this supports commercial openers. I don't know if it's the same API.

This should support commercial openers. They advertise "MyQ Connected Business", and the links for the "App" point to the same versions used by the residential MyQ.

What is likely different from the residential openers is the MyQDeviceTypeId. The current list of opener device types is missing "9", which was added to the Vera app to support a gate opener that a user had... It was unknown if it was a retail or commercial gate operator. Other commercial device may use different IDs. To make device detection more accurate, the Vera plugin also used the presence of the "doorstate" attribute or the presence of a "MyQDeviceTypeName" (with the value "Garage Door Opener" or "GarageDoorOpener") to determine if a particular device is an opener (I used to be the maintainer for the Vera plugin).

Chamberlain makes frequent "tweaks" to the API... So this info may change at a moments notice.

Your guess is as good as mine. If you can tweak it and get it to work, post back and let us know how you did it.

FYI - apparently the MyQ API has changed authorization.

As of now, I'm no longer able to control my garage door with this driver/app. Working for anyone else?

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Looks broken to me too.

Also not working for me.

There's a fix available for PyMyQ. Hopefully @thomas.c.howard can implement this fix something equivalent in his driver that we use.

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I just posted a new thread and then saw this. It never fails.

The updates for the new API shouldn't be hard.. but will take time to trickle down.

I was just able to control mine less than an hour ago.

Are you using the MyQ Lite that is linked above?

mine is dead as well. I tried using IFTTT but the MyQ app only has light on/off and close no open option.

IFTTT has never allowed you to open the door. Only close it and report the status of the door.

there are ST apps in IFTTT that allow open as well as a couple others but the direct MyQ app only has close. Anyone figure out how to modify so the API works again? I wish I could code

I haven't been able to find the affected code in the MyQ lite app. The problem is the person who fixed it for mypyq didn't just fix the problem but also totally redesigned t he app. So, there's no way to translate that from python into the MyQ Lite (which is Groovy). They're not direct copies of the two.

The same guy who wrote the smartthings version is in that github thread so I assume it's just a matter of time for a fix

So mine started working again.. Per Issue Thread on the smartthings github the dev stated they reverted their api version change. They are likely to shift back to the new one again.. so heads up.

Oh strange.

Not really... The official MyQ app is still hard coded to use the V4 API.... So they really have no choice but to continue to support it for now...