Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Support [OUT OF DATE]

Bulbs in general, but Cree bulbs in particular are undesirable repeaters. @april.brandt just went through a lengthy, careful, debugging process before conclusively arriving at the conclusion.

The Tradfri plugs are very good repeaters.

These are regarded quite highly as well. I don't have any, but there are others here who do.

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Great info!

I don't mind ditching the Cree bulbs. I had less issues with them than the GE Link bulbs on W*.

Maybe with Hubitat, I'll revisit the GE bulbs instead.

Thanks! Off to buy a lot of 5 of those Iris plugs on flea-bay

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One last question, I promise.

What are your thoughts on the Sengled bulbs/strips?

Seems the GE Link bulbs are possibly as troublesome as the Cree. I expect I'll need to repair the zigbee mesh with them offline after I get the Iris plugs going...

I have the Sengled A19 RGBWs. I really like them. Great color rendition and since they don't route, they cause no zigbee mesh issues.

Your really helping me a lot. I appreciate it! Do you live anywhere near South Florida?

Unfortunately, as a first step in converting my Wink Relay for Hubitat, I preformed a hard reset, and the operating system never rebooted. I like that thing a lot. It was in my entry way and just where it needed to be to make changes to my system when entering or leaving the house. The fact it had 2 switches and the perfect form factor for where it was mounted were just extras. I don't see anything comparable to replace it with.

The locks went without incident. Thanks for the tip.

I don't have a Relay. I would post to the Wink Relay integration thread. I know others have them working for sure.

I did. From what I read elsewhere, the switch to turn the wifi off, in the underlying Android system sometimes toggles off. This keeps the Wink Operating System from Booting, and it loops.

From Metairie, LA I see. In Micro. Do you work for Oshner?

No. LSU School of Medicine.

I love NO. I go sometimes just for the food. Best in the USA I think.

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I was in Philla. when the first Veterans started dying from what was later discovered to be cases of Legionnaires. It's been a long road in ID since then. HIV was unknown and probably didn't even exist, outside of Africa.

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I guess today, the big threat is a microbiologist messing with kitchen CRISPR CAS9. : )

Great info. Thanks!

Glad you like the relays.

I wanted to stab mine before I ripped them out and sold them on FB marketplace.

Lights coming on randomly in the middle of the night is not my idea of fun and the dimmable smart bulbs I was using were always dropping off line. Appears the GE Link and Cree bulbs may be partly to blame for that but I still came to loathe the relays.

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Interesting the impact of where they are has. I’ve used mine for years, and never had a light go offline or come on uncommanded.

Home assistant MyQ just went down. Chamberlain made more API changes. I'm guessing might affect users here?

I haven't fixed my own myQ in Hubitat yet from the last API change. So I don't know just giving a heads up.

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Still works with @dman2306's ST port. Just tested it.

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Just to bring this thread back to MyQ, if anyone wants to take a chance on the viability of this solution, Amazon US has the hub on sale for $30.

I have a Liftmaster MyQ gateway, non homekit.

I'm willing to sell if anyone is interested? Likely a Canadian buyer may want it? I have no need for it.

Make me offer. A brand new one in Canada is $84.24.

I bought that same one used on ebay for $18.

Some side notes: the MyQ compatibility tool is poop. I have a chamberlain garage door opener. So naturally I try the tool and it says I have to their new product for $$$$. My garage being about 5 years old, I remember, was sold with a different hub than the one shown in the compatibility tool. MyQ doesn't sell the old hubs anymore so they won't tell you what your garage really compatible with. They will only show compatibility with their current products. Thanks MyQ.

I look up that older hub. It was super expensive but sold on Amazon. I read through the comments. The Chamberlain MyQ hub won't work anymore even though it is being sold on Amazon. Weird. But when you call to complain, they send you the Liftmaster hub shown in @mik3 's post. Even though it is a Liftmaster, it will work with Chamberlain. Odd!

MyQ is so weird.

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