Centralite outlets and power reporting

I have several of the older SmartThings Outlets (cube type) which I believe are made by Centralite which properly report power usage.

I just bought a few of the newer Centralite outlets 4200-C and they paired okay and I can turn them on/off but they don't report power being used.

Both are using the Generic zigbee driver.
Clicked on configure and refresh.

Am I missing something?

From what I've been able to gather is the 4 series 4200-C doesn't report power but the 3 series does which is the older style. Seems pretty ridiculous they removed power reporting.

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I just got 8 of them to establish a Zigbee mesh. I have to say, they were really a breeze to pair, are compact, and have a decent power capacity. And the price was pretty good. No power reporting, apparently, even though the generic driver might give you reason to think so.

Where did you buy the Centralite outlets from? I only need a couple to strengthen my zigbee mesh.

I got them at Amazon.
They seem to be sold out everywhere.

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The box they come in has a bullet point for: Monitors Energy. MISLEADING?

I guess that is for you to decide. It does monitor power (energy) in real time it just isn't storing cumulative energy use. To my knowledge they have always been that way. I use the Centralite outlets for different automations than other devices that monitor both.

When I include it in my Hubitat, there is no parameter for energy shown. I cannot create a tile to show that. The old ones, YES. The new 4200-C, nope. Am (I) doing something wrong?

As post #2 reported, the 4200 series does not report power/energy. However the 3200 does. It sounds like you went down the same path as I did. I don't remember what the box bullet points were but I remember returning them and getting the 3200 series which does report power. I don't know if the problem was with the device or the driver. Maybe others have more insight than I.