Centralite keypad beeping problem

I have a centralite keypad XHK1b(the one with A and B button at the button and use AA battery). It paired with HE without any problem. However, when I changed the HSM to arm night using anything other than the keypad. The keypad will beep indefinitely unless HSM is changed to other HSMs. This does not happen when the keypad is used to changed HSM to night sleep. There was a post in the past but did not seem like there was a solution posted.

Please help. I don't know if anyone can use this keypad with HE since if will keep beeping non stop.

I have the same issue. I found that I could get it to stop beeping by issuing a refresh() command. It's not the greatest workaround, but it works. It would be great if anyone else has a real solution.

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I have the Centralite 3400 (I believe that's the right model number) and it doesn't do this. Just for informational purposes.

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Is there a way to edit the existing Centralite driver? I want to completely disable to beeping. I'm using the Xfinity keypad and if the HSM is tripped, these thing beep forever, and it's rather annoying to deal with. I've looked for a custom driver to use, but can't seem to find one. I also tried to write my own, but that was biting off more than I could chew.

Hello and welcome to hubitat! The Iris v3 keypad driver is available on the Hubitat Public github page:

However, the v2 is not. So, I'm not sure which you were looking for.

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I totally agreed. It drives my nuts!. I feel like any programmer can fix this but I have not seen any response. I digged into this and it seems like someone has posted the same problem back in 2019. I kinda lost my hope since no one seems to have a solution for this problem
since 2019

Seems like now hubitat has driver for iris v2 and v3 without having to manually add them. I tried both of them with this keypad but it did not work right. The version of the keypad I am talking about here is the xfinity version of the keypad. (I think they are all from centralite just a little different variation.
There is also driver for centralite on the HE but it not be specific enough for the xfinity version.

How long is this beeping happening? And what is triggering it?

The beeps last indefinitely until HSM is changed to other status other than arm night.

This happens only when HSM is set to arm night using anything else other than this keypad.
For example, mode triggers HSM arm night.

:thinking: Iโ€™m going to have to do some testing with mine.. We arm so infrequently that I canโ€™t recall what happens...

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@bcopeland thank you very much for looking into this. :+1:

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No problem.. It wonโ€™t be until tomorrow though.. Iโ€™m tied up tonight..

I don't use HSM.

Going from memory, since I inserted the refresh() workaround in all of my RM rules that interact with it and haven't fiddled with it much since...

Mine beeps indefinitely when I arm it. This is true when I arm via the keypad or when I execute the arm commands in RM (which I assume take the same codepath in the driver).

I am pretty sure that the behavior is the same for both arm home and arm away, but I am not 100% certain of that. I could test again to confirm that, if others have difficulty reproducing the issue for further characterization and debugging.

The refresh() workaround felt hacky, but it worked for me and I didn't dig deeper to try to really try to figure it out.

Keypad code

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@anon61068208 I have tried this deiver but there is one problem with this driver when using with Xfinity keypad. If you arm night, the light will blink at the arm night for a few times first and then end up with arm home light. If motion is detected, the arm home will light up although HSM is still at arm night. This causes confusion in my house since my arm night and arm home are significantly different. If you go through the previous posts you will see that people who use the XHK1b version (Xfinity version of the Centralite keypad) have this problem all along.

Have you tried the Centralite Keypad driver?

@Ryan780 yes, that is when the keypad beeps nonstop in the arm night mode. (only arm night is executed using anything other than the keypad.

Do you have an arming delay for Night mode? If so, why? You don't need an exit delay for night mode.

No arm delay or exit delay.

Same problem here. Any solutions? I can send a Keypad to Hubitat HQ if that would help since I really prefer stock drivers.