Centralite keypad beeping problem

No, I have not received any update or solution. It annoys the hell out of me. The battery also runs out in about 8 months due to this.

@mike.maxwell can I send one to you?

Could never get this to work and it was super annoying. I never really know how to formally file a bug in these cases. Do I contact support? Workaround was to install the Nyckelharpa App and keypad device driver:

Tusen tack @arnb :slight_smile:


Did you find any solution for this? @MFornander

No. Not a reply from HE and my offer to send them a free keypad, and the Nyckelharpa driver has been working fine so oh well... HE should just remove their buggy driver since it's not really useful with the beeping.

@bcopeland @mike.maxwell
bump up this thread. I recently started to use this device, and got random beeping as well.

also the battery has been forever 100%.
It has 4 AA Batteries, I don't think the raw value/10 is volt.

[info]Centralite Keypad battery is 100%
[dev:250]2021-04-09 07:29:27.848 pm[debug]getBatteryResult: 68

other info

  • endpointId: 01
  • application:
  • driverVersion: 1.0.3
  • model: URC4450BC0-X-R
  • manufacturer: Universal Electronics Inc

Thats not one of the models that we have tested compatable.

@mike.maxwell you mean you guys have no solution and there won't be a solution correct?

It's not possible for us so support every device, particulary those that aren't that common or are very much vendor specific.
So it's unlikely that we will provide a driver for this device, but there's nothing preventing the community from doing so.

My Nyckelharpa app with the required Centralite_Keypad driver supports the UEI keypad.

For the record: the Centralite_Keypad driver requires the Nyckelharpa app and does not work directly with HSM, however the app functions as an extension of HSM.

As @mike.maxwell mentioned, it should be a relatively easy task to make a standalone UEI driver by combining the UEI logic from my keypad driver with the system provided Iris V3 sample driver available on Github. (I have no plans to do this. Also the Iris V3 is "fugly" hardware and the driver reflects this issue, not the code, but the gyrations needed to support the V3).


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