Centralite 3420 Nightlight Repeater

Yeah being able to use the color for notifications would be cool. Too bad the manufacturer was unhelpful or didn't bother updating the firmware.....

It happens. I think this device came out before Centralite got bought... so they probably do not want to deal with the "old products" if possible.

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Too bad no one makes any other zigbee/zwave night lights that dim

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GLEDOPTO has their USB-powered ZigBee RGB+CCT LED strip. I keep one plugged into a USB battery pack. That would be the closest thing I think. Not as compact as I would want and it lacks ZigBee repeating capability but for general status and such it works well.

Thinking on it further, I ordered another one of these (their newer ZigBee 3.0 model). Going to try a little disassembly of this and a USB battery pack to see if I can make something myself.

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As another possible option, does anyone know if the LED on this guy is remotely controllable?

According to the manual there are parameters that can be set for what the frame color is in the on/off settings and not just the default power level.

So it IS possible. Someone would need to make sure it is commands in the driver though and not just driver preferences. It is also limited to just a few colors. Not sure if anyone has written a driver for these that allows it to be controlled like that.

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