Ceiling lights flickering with Enbrighten dimmer switch

I had an electrician install 4 LED can-lights, Halo (pictures attached) and a Lutron dimmer, and the dimming works fine. I would like to replace the Lutron switch with an automation-supported dimmer switch so that I can control the lights when I am away. I don't need a 3-way switch, but I do want the dimmer, otherwise the lights are too bright for my comfort.

I had ordered this item: Enbrighten dimmer switch - 46203 (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RRD92T8), but when I hooked it up, it caused the lights to flicker when dimmed -- only at full brightness did the light stop flickering. This switch requires neutral wire and I had connected the neutral wire in the switch in the box.

Today, in order to look up the model of can lights for posting here, I opened the fixture and noticed that the green wire (neutral?) in the can is not connected. I am not at all familiar with home wiring, so apologies if my point is completely off base, but could this be why I am running into dimming issues?

Assuming the neutral wire issue is not the issue, can someone suggest another z-wave or zigbee switch? I came across this switch: 52252 (https://www.amazon.com/Enbrighten-52252-SimpleWire-Compatible-Assistant/dp/B08WJLCY3K), but I see conflicting descriptions. One place it mentioned that neutral is required, another place says No-Neutral?

Before opting to go with Enbrighten, I also looked at Zooz switches (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09482M85Y). Would you recommend that instead?

Maybe this is more of a home wiring question than a Hubitat question, but I'll be grateful for any advice.

Some dimmers don’t work well with LED lights, and some LED lights are more compatible with dimmers than others. There is a reason that I can’t remember, and someone here will probably clarify. The green wire is always a ground. In your case it’s for grounding the metal can in case of a short circuit. It shouldn’t have any bearing on the function of the light.

Edit: I saw this on an Amazon review of your dimmer:

  • in our bedroom, with four 4" Halo can lights, these flickered randomly if the lights were less than about 90%
  • in our kitchen, with nine 6" Halo can lights, these pulse a couple times a second if they're less than 100%, and they do not fade on or off smoothly

“Some reviewers say that Legrand switches work with Halo can lights. Based on that recommendation, I tried the Legrand. But Legrand doesn't (yet) support SmartThings, and that was a deal breaker for me. I uninstalled it and tried a Leviton Z-wave dimmer. 3rd time's the charm... problem solved! I like the design of the GE better, but the Leviton worked.”

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Green is NOT usually neutral. The green wire in your picture is the ground for the fixture. I do not think it would cause flickering but the electrician did not do his job properly, it should be connected to a ground.

However If you have the green/ground connect to the neutral on the dimmer, that may be causing some issues.

If your home wiring is very old though, the colors may be irrelevant.

Your issue is possibly the difference between a MOSFET and a TRIAC dimmer.
Guessing the Lutron was one style and the GE is the other. If you can find out which is which the Zooz may work better if it is the opposite type from the GE.

This little article from Zooz explains it a little and also shows which they use and why.


I would call the electrician and tell them they need to come back and hook up the lights properly, w/the ground connected. They should open things up at either end so you can confirm the wiring. All of that should be at their expense, not yours. Unless something really dumb happened (like wiring green to neutral at the dimmer, as @jtp10181 said) the grounding isn't causing the flickering, but for your good money the lights should be properly installed!

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Assuming you do need a different switch, these work very well with LED cans:


He wants a dimmer and the UltraPro I think is nearly the same thing as the GE Enbrighten series.

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Fixed. And yes they are essentially the same, but I have several of them and they work with my LED cans without flickering.

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I called Jasco and they mentioned that the Enbrighten 46203 is TRIAC. I have not been able to find out what the Lutron is. I wasn't able to locate something on the web, but I will need to open up the switch to find its model number before I can call their support.

From the Zooz support article, it looks like they are also moving to TRIAC, but one on Amazon, ZEN77 V2, is MOSFET. Assuming that is the issue, the Zooz switch may solve my problem.

Thank you to every one of you! I love the helpfulness of the Hubitat Community!

@jkudave Are your LED cans the same Halo that I have?

They are similar, but I don't recall the brand. I have had them for a while. I've used them with older GE Enbrighten Z-Wave (non-plus) dimmer switches and the ones I posted above, without issue.

AFAIK, they are the same... GE Enbrighten, UltraPro, Jasco. Just different branding.

My guess would be that all of them would fare the same with the Halo cans. They work fine with my cans, but I don't know the brand.

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I don't see how it could be the Halo cans. If you have a incandescent bulb see if that flickers. Some LED bulbs aren't dimmable and will flicker if dimmed.

You might consider Lutron Caseta then. Directly integrates into hubitat with the PRO2 bridge.... Can't go wrong there.

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These cans dim just fine with the Lutron dimmer, so my guess is that it was the switch.


Thank you! Yes, I may consider going this route. I had another electrician come in to change a different outlet, and he also recommended that I should move to Lutron Caseta.

I have over 60 switches/dimmers/picos and you can't go wrong.

I wonder if something like this would fix the flickering?


Also, I don't think you ever commented on the fact you called the ground a Neutral, so I am still concerned you have the ground in the switch box connected to the neutral terminal of the switch.


Also, I don't think you ever commented on the fact you called the ground a Neutral, so I am still concerned you have the ground in the switch box connected to the neutral terminal of the switch.

Before removing the existing switch, I had labeled the wires and thought that I was wiring the new switch accordingly. But, it's entirely possible that I messed up when hooking up the new switch.

Also, to one of the points you mentioned earlier: Our house is an older house (70+ yrs), and the previous owner was a bit of a "we don't need no codes, handyman", so it's entirely possible that some of the wiring is not as expected.

I have a feeling that I may have to go back to an electrician and let him do the swap.

Thanks, again, to you and many others for all the guidance!


A 70 year old home w/neutrals would really surprise me (unless it was retro-fitted)...our house is only 50 years old and there is nary a neutral in sight. Did the previous owner re-wire?

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Adding my two cents. I agree that the GE Enbrighten, UltraPro and yes, Honeywell are all rebranded Jasco. I have retrofit LED lights and while they don't flicker they do HUM when dimmed which is also annoying. I've had to get used to just using the lights at 100% or listen to the hum. I've tried Zooz and Inovelli and have gotten the same results. There are two versions of Zooz though and it has to do compatibility of LEDs as @jtp10181 mentioned. So maybe the other ones will work. Though I think Zooz told me that their dimmers are incompatible with Feit LED lights. So I gave up.