Ceiling Fan/Light Controller Options?

Since the Hampton Bay Zigbee Fan Controller is no longer available, are there any alternatives?

If you have one or more fans that already have a remote, then you can use the Bond Bridge to join your fans to Hubitat and control them via automations, buttons, switches, etc.

The Bond Bridge is usually about $99, goes on sale for $79. Amazon:


Works very much like the Luton and Hue integrations. Set up the Bond Bridge, join your fans to the Bond mobile app. Then complete the Bond integration setup and your fans (fans and lights) become devices in Hubitat.

I like this one: Red Series Fan + Light Switch (Z-Wave) - Inovelli

No Bond Bridge Required! :slight_smile:

It's also nice for LED Notifications.



That is absolutely perfect.

I welcome more but these devices are very sparse

There's a GE one as well, that's relatively popular. I didn't like them with my fans, but others have good luck with them!

Zooz has one as well, it operates a bit different though.


Doesn't the GE one only do fans?

That inovelli is perfect.

The GE/Jasco does light and fans. They just didn't work real well with my Hampton Bay fans. Never isolated why, could have been operator error. As I recall, @JasonJoel uses GE/Jasco a lot, and he might be able to provide some insight. @JasonJoel, if I'm mistaken, I apologize.



But rewiring in fan canopy required. I don't like ladders. :wink:

I almost installed one but since I already had the Bond (from SmartThings days) and a lutron hub it was simpler/easier and cheaper to use an in-wall mount pico tied to Bond integration.

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Just for the record ( :slight_smile: ) for others who come to this thread, there is also a Smart by Bond ceiling fan remote/receiver kit you can get, similar to the Inovelli but doesn't require using a wall switch (if you don't have one or don't want one).

The Smart by Bond fan kit doesn't require a Bond Bridge to integrate w/HE.

I gave up using Picos with Bond Hub. I started an exhaustive thread months ago about problems. It turns out the Pico remote and Bond hub use similar frequency and Pico was still transmitting when Bond hub started transmitting and there was interference. The fix was to add a delay of about 300ms before broadcast of Bond signal but it still wasn't great.

Odd, I've never had a single issue like that - my fan control (six fans!) is entirely via Picos > Bond and we have fan controls set up (via ABC button controller app) on about 12 of our 15 picos. I can turn fans on/off, set speeds, turn on light and dim/up down. Been using it for months. I had an issue for a while that was bridge related and Bond replaced my Bond Bridge for free.

Things are working perfectly for me...hopefully reading your post won't jinx me. :wink:

Hence the :slight_smile:

In the interest of full disclosure, I only posted because I recalled another thread where you answered Bond and I answered Innovelli.

I don't like ladders either!


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The weird part is that the Picos acted the worst when mounted at the box that contained the load and line for the fan. I wired them together. If I pulled the Picos away from there and went to another part of room, they worked better but not acceptable.

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Putting another hub doesn't sound as great as the inovelli seems.

The reviews were pretty good, it is supported by Hubitat? Or, custom driver?

No record of anything by GE/Jasco that does both fan and light searching on duckduckgo or Amazon

Seems my memory is faulty! You are correct, the GE doesn't support the light. However it does allow you to retain the existing remote, which is likely how I was turning the light on or off.


Inovelli has provided a driver for it (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/InovelliUSA/Hubitat/master/Drivers/inovelli-fan-light-lzw36.src/inovelli-fan-light-lzw36.groovy).


Is there a general consensus that this is a good device?

YMMV but works extremely well for me, and has a high WAF

I never had one but folks have seemed pretty high on them.