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I'd choose the TJ. :+1: ...but I'm probably a little biased. I love the flat fender flares, btw. Too many TJs still have the pocket flares. The pocket style look good, just a little dated. Plus, I would rub on them when flexed.


I don't think I shared my new one.

2012 Fiat 500 Abarth


Nice! I hear those are an absolute hoot on a race track! :sunglasses:


I've been to Tail of the Dragon with it and it's right at home. Actually have an upgraded turbo on the way for it in a week or two.

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Nice, I’ve thought about putting a bigger turbo on my pocket rocket, but I think I’m better off just getting a proper dyno tune first. It’s got roughly 135 hp ATM via a RaceChip, but I reckon 150 is quite doable without any extra mods - it’s quite good for a 1.0 litre, 3 cylinder imo.

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The turbo I'm getting is a modified factory frame so it's drop in. Good for about 220ish on the current set up and 250 when I decide to do bigger injectors.

I'd love to have mine dyno tuned. Right now it's just on a remote datalog based tune.

130 for 1 liter is impressive!

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Nice, that’s a great power level for a tiny hot hatch!

True, mine had 120 HP from the factory, and should have 15-20% more thanks the race chip.

The thing I noticed the most was the huge jump in torque. It’s now putting out about 30% more torque, and it’s available from 1500 rpm. Getting my Michelin’s to break traction now is hilariously easy! :joy:

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Yeah I actually am not set up very good for traction in straight line. Considerable amount of camber all the way around to accommodate the wheel specs. 16x8 +15.

But I just love the way it sits and it just begs to be hammered around corners

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My ride when I met my wife-to-be who determined it wasn’t practical for a family.

1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Small block 400
Offenhauser dual port intake
Iskenderian cam
Holley 650 double pumper with mechanical secondaries
Converted to HEI ignition.
Walker Continental glass packs
TH350 with a shift kit - I think I had a stock converter
Firestone 721 tires

Unbeknownst to me, it was in a major front end crash before I bought it. The whole front clip would bob up and down when going over railroad tracks. When people were in the back seat, the rear driveshaft yoke would hit the floor which was LOUD.

It came with a measly 2.73 diff, and I had plans to swap in a 3.73
Because of this, I won most of my races on the highway because most everyone else was running 4.11 gears.

It had a nice mellow tone. My wife had to go to the store and I was working on her car, so she took mine. Had some kid pull up alongside ask her if she wanted to race.

I sold it for $800 cash to a kid who just got his license.. The very next day the kid brings it back with a rod knock. Wants his money back. Come to find out he and his buddy changed the oil and didn’t have the full 5 quarts, only 3. So they proceed to do burnouts in a parking lot. Kid was stoopid enough to give that valuable piece of information.