Capability SpeechSynthesis command Queueing question

Issue: Occasional out of sequence messages. EG: Door closed spoken before door open, when very short time interval between the physical open and close. Attempting to find the culprit, HE or Fully Browser TTS processing.

When multiple commands are queued to a Capability SpeechSynthesis device in the HE system, are the queued commands processed FIFO or LIFO, or perhaps the queue is ignored when a new command is received.

My preference is FIFO, however I feel it is processed LIFO

There is no specific platform processing q.
Chromecast drivers have fifo, sonos has no q currently

The one on the custom Samsung WiFi Speaker is FIFO.

As you can see, queuing is dependent on the app/driver being used. It is not inherit to the capability Speech Synthesis. What speaker are you using?


I'm using an Amazon Fire HD8, running the Fully Browser with the Fully Kiosk Browser Controller for TTS messaging.

As far as I can determine there is a FIFO queue used by the Fully Browser, and no queueing in the Fully driver.