[RELEASE] Fully Kiosk Browser Controller

If you have a device running Fully Kiosk Browser to display your dashboards, you can also use it as a chime for if a door opens/closes.

I personally have it setup as a chime. And I use my own MP3 file so it plays my own sound instead of sounds that are built into other devices.

All my TTS stuff is done through my Alexa's but I added that in as well anyways.


Oh that's awesome. I'm going to install it. Thanks!

It's working, thanks again.

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Is a audio file necessary to make it chime or TTS? Or is there default values in there?

You will need an audio file for the chime. TTS you can type your text and click speak on the driver and the device should do the rest and speak it out.

Great work!

I am currently using LanNouncer on Fire HD8 tablets with BigTalker, and although it generally works well, on my devices it appears that the Fire OS puts LanNouncer to sleep, so sometimes it stops talking. This should eliminate that issue since Fully is usually 100% in the foreground.

I tested the kiosk browser device with BigTalker, and it worked perfectly.

Anyone have a link to a Chime MP3 File similar to the Chime in LanNouncer?

Part of my system is still on SmartThings, any plans to port this device to ST?

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With an addition to this controller, would it be possible to turn the tablet screen on?

Nope. I sold my ST a long time ago. But the code is there. Anybody can port it. Shouldn't be hard as it's not difficult. They probably just either need to add an include for the async methods or change them to sync methods and it should work. I can't verify this though. Just guessing.

There is a API call for screen on/off and I could tie it to a switch capability but doesn't fully have this built into their settings? You can have it wake up based on motion etc.

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I do have that set but would love to be able to do that from HE, via a motion sensor etc. The current way only works if there is enough light for the camera to see.

Makes sense. I'll add it later today when I get a chance. It's very easy.

I'm just going to add it as a custom command though similar how I have he bring to front added. Adding a button or switch capability will confuse things more.

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That's brilliant.....Many thanks.

Give the update a try. You probably want to use the screensaver commands as the screen on/off actually locks my firehd. Or just use the trigger motion command. That should do what you want.

I have driver Installed and working now. :blush:
I can turn the screen on and off from the device page but I cant figure out how to harness this In the rule machine(sorry my knowledge Is still a little limited) .

In Rule Machine you need to create a custom command. You can then use that.

The problem is that this device doesn't fit into any of the capabilities so won't show up in the list.

You can add "capability "Actuator"" in the code at the top under the others and it will show up in the actuator list. You can then choose the command and create a custom one. Then when you create a rule you can select the custom command to execute.

Gonna update the code now.

Thank you very much .... Working well

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One major difference I found between Lannouncer vs Fully for TTS:

  • Using Fully: messages speak to completion before the next message is issued. In other words, there seems to be a message queue someplace beyond the Device Handler

  • Using Lannouncer: messages being spoken are chopped off when the next message arrives.

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Thanks for this driver,it has made TTS so simple on my Fire 7 Alarm Panel.

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I see you have command to launch a app.. how about load a webpage? i'm thinking have some sort of popup when a alarm goes off or something. Or how about having my camera at my door go full screen when doorbell is rung...

I added loadURL and loadStartURL commands. One will load any URL and the other will load the StartURL. I don't have any ability to do a popup though.

I tried to trigger the ring app for my doorbell to show when motion was detected, unfortunately the app doesn't automatically display the video feed so it would just come to the front and do nothing. But this may help.

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