Can't lock/unlock "August Pro 3" Locks from within Apple Homekit Home App

Appreciate if you check and advise how I may have my August locks shown as new accessories (configured as z-Wave accessories using HE) in a room and enable them to be locked /unlocked from the Home App?

Setup my new HE hub C7 with Homekit Integration beta app and connected my August Pro generation 3 locks to it. I can lock/unlock my August locks from within HE dashboard. However, from within Home App, I can see August locks only listed under the hub accessories but I can't lock/unlock them. I expected to see them listed in the same Home App room as my HE bridge. They only show as accessories under the HE hub configuration details in my Home app.

FYI, I used HE August driver to configure August locks in HE (using secure zWave connections) and they were configured as "contact sensors", is this the reason why they are not listed as accessories in a room and can't be controlled from Home App (perhaps should be configured as "locks" than "contact sensors")?

FYI, my HE runs the latest drivers and firmware updates for both the hub and z-Wave protocol. Also, my Homekit runs the latest 16.2 version and my August locks run the latest firmware 2.04. In the same time, my August locks are connected through the August Bridge device to Homekit (through Wifi).

Thank you

You have to join the locks directly to home kit. They will not pass from HE. The only way to do that is to create virtual switches... Boundary devices such as locks and garage door openers are verbotten by apple for certification.


Appreciate it - will this limitation be removed once Hubitat achieves Apple HomeKit certification? If yes, when it's expected? thank you

Not if Hubitat wants to keep Apple HomeKit certification.


A work around is to expose virtual switches to HomeKit - one for lock and a second for unlock. But I know this doesn’t look as sexy in HomeKit.


I exposed one virtual switch into HomeKit and used 2 HE rules to lock/unlock my August using zWave from within HE.

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Absolutely, I trust HE wants to get certified, that will be much neater integration with less workarounds.

August can lock/unlock doors directly from within HomeKit, very likely because they met Apple's certification requirements.

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