Yale YDR50G (ZigBee)

Your zigbee mesh has no routers/repeaters. Hubitat documentation has guidelines on building a good mesh.


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My door sensor is visible here

But Yale lock is not showing. I read this in the link you have provided

Does this means, I cannot use Yale Lock with HomeKit via HE? But I am able to make Yale Lock visible in HomeKit via HomeBridge as I have SmartThings before and I am moving from SmartThings.

I don't have more ZigBee devices; I have only 1 ZigBee, and the others will be Z-Wave and WiFi.

Do I still need to have a repeater for ZigBee devices? I read the Hub can have 32 devices.

Yes, If you want to use your lock with Homekit you need to use Homebridge.

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Is there any workaround to make the lock visible in HomeKit via HE?

My primary purpose in buying HE is to make all my devices compatible with HE and avoid using HomeBridge, as I am running that via my local machine, and it needs to be turned on all the time.

You may want to look at this.

Or this.

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HomeBridge is not an Apple certified HomeKit bridge. HomeKit certification requires that devices which control perimeters, like GDOs and locks, be provisioned into HomeKit directly, and not through a bridge.


I just found this issue in the Yale ZigBee lock. Manually unlocking the lock is not triggering any event automatically.

I have manually unlocked the lock, and the status is not updated.

I have to go to the device page and refresh it to see the lock status again. Is this a bug in the Yale HE driver or an issue with Lock?

I use that driver with two Yale zigbee locks, and don't have that issue.


But in SmartThings, I can get Lock/Unlock status from the lock. So the drivers need to get updated for this specific lock?

Presumably. If you have the SmartThings DTH you used for this lock, you can port it to Hubitat.

I don't know how to do it. Also, in SmartThings this lock has a different issue; whenever I restart the SmartThings or whenever the lock gets restarted the safety gets unpaired.

So I need to rely on someone who can provide me fix for the above :frowning:

I tested with my Yale Assure Lock (Z-Wave), and the more issue also exists in that lock.

I will open a thread for that.

Can you try the generic zigbee lock driver? You look like you need some repeaters in your mesh.

As to lock and Homekit, because apple does not allow locks and garage door openers, lan or wifi devices to be brought through. They have to be paired to home kit directly. The way around this is to use virtual switches.

Also as a new user, take a look at this post. It will help avoid some gotchas.

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I tried using generic ZigBee, and still unlock status is not updated automatically.

My lock and hub distance is less than 15 feet, still, do I need repeaters? I just have 1 ZigBee device for now.

As a test put the hub really close to the lock and see if status updates.

I tested it, but it still does not work. Also, I note that HE has weak Z-Wave reception than SmartThings as all Contact sensors worked seamlessly when I used SmartThings. And now, in HE, their response is not getting updated sometime. So I moved HE to proximity.

I am planning to add Z-Wave Repeaters.

z-wave reception strength is pretty much the same as ST... Take a look at this... How to Build a Solid Z-Wave Mesh - Hubitat Documentation

'Settings' > 'Zigbee Details' > 'Zigbee Logging' will show you an RSSI figure (signal strength) that the hub is seeing; it will display a value whenever you operate the lock. If the numbers are in the -40's to mid -70's you're OK; once they start getting into the -80's and more negative, that indicates reception is marginal and a repeater would help.

Since it's a child device, you won't be able to tell the reception at the lock itself, however. It's possible that there could still be reception issues but probably not as likely if they're close and there aren't obstructions in the way.


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