Can't link to Alexa - Unable to Link your Skill

I installed the Amazon Echo App and then went to my Alexa app and added Hubitat as a new capability. It took my username and password fine and lets me select my location just fine. At that point, after a few seconds, I get a screen that says "Unable to Link you Skill. Please try again later" I've tried several times and keep getting this message

We haven't released our updated Alexa app yet. Stay tuned, we will announce when it is available.


That makes sense. I was surprised to see that post about a skill existing, but hadn't heard about it otherwise.

One thing I found needs addressing, if it's not already on the list. Before I saw your reply, I tried it myself with my portal login and it listed my hub, but I couldn't connect to it (I now know why), so I tried to register a new account. The verification email just came from and is titled "Verification Link". Doesn't identify Hubitat anywhere in the email, so my spam filter caught it. Only by mousing over the "Verify Email" link, was I able to tell it was from Hubitat.

Also, I would really like to have a priority email blast for Hubitat owners, so we know immediately when a hub update or feature is available. Please and thank you for your consideration.

any estimate on when we can expect to see this? I am almost off of smartThings all I need is the alexa skill for hubitat and I can stop using smartThings as a bridge.

You can use Alexa now with the built-in Alexa app.

It doesn't work for me. My devices never get discovered. I was one of the original people reporting that issue in another thread. I've just been patiently waiting for an official skill so I can get this working.

Oh, OK. Some LAN issue on your end. The new skill is going to be introduced in our next release.

It wasn't actually a LAN issue. I connect both hubitat and both or my Echo's to the router directly and neither can find the devices. From my understanding hubitat is emulating a hue bridge and that is how the echo discovers the devices. My echo's can discover my hue bulbs without any issue. I think Patrick said it may have something to do with owning multiple Echo's or something like that.

Anywho... Thanks for the update. I will continue to anxiously wait. I feel like a kid waiting to open his present at Christmas time. :slight_smile:

Why would owning multiple echos be the issue? I have three and I can control my hubitat devices by talking to Alexa, many others have multiple echos too.

I am just telling you what I read. Something about the primary echo not finding the devices VS. the second one that was added.

I think others that were having problems also had Apple Airport Extreme as a router. That's what I am running.

TBH I am more than happy to use the existing app, if someone can figure out how to get it to work. I even setup another linksys router and connected hubitat and my echo's to that. Once again, no devices found.

Interesting, I read that thread but forgot about that post. I wonder why discovery from the Alexa app doesn’t cause the master echo to see the new devices.

I don't understand something. I disabled the Hue Skill and forgot all of the device and when I tried to discover my devices it found all of my hue bulbs again. Don't you need the hue skill to find the hue bulbs?

Hue bulbs will always show up.... its impossible to remove them if they have been found before and are still on the network when you do a discovery, It is extremely annoying....

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Now that the skill and firmware have both been officially released, I'm getting the same problem as the original poster when trying to login to Hubitat from the Alexa skill page: "Unable to link your skill. Please try again later." (Suffice it to say that I have waited and tried again later a few times, using a different browser and different devices.) I've removed the "old" Echo integration app and installed the new skill on Hubitat. Anything else I can try?

You need to use the same email address you use to log into It should be instant. If that doesn’t work please send a message to support with the email address you are using and we will make sure it is the same one connected to your account.

Is there anyway around that? I keep my amazon and banking email address private to help prevent hacking. I do the same for any home automation stuff since I've had some of my accounts hacked in the past.

That is what I'm doing, so I will send an e-mail to support. Thanks!

I don't understand. You don't need your Amazon email address, you need to use the Hubitat email address in the skill to authorize it to access Hubitat Elevation.

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Also the email address field is case sensitive. We are working with Amazon to remove that restriction.

Ah. Got it. My bad. I didn’t understand that. Thank you for clarifying.

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