Can't link to Alexa - Unable to Link your Skill

I'm unable to link to the Alexa Skill. I delete the Alexa app but still get this when I try to sign in?

Just to update: my problem was resolved after some e-mails with support. I had various issues, but one was apparently that my hub wasn't registered correctly. They were able to help me get my registration removed and I was eventually able to re-register the hub correctly. I'd recommend anyone check the portal ( when on the same LAN as their hub to see if the hub is registered. If you see a "Register" button under your hub there, it's not, so try that--but also go back to the portal to see if it really registered (if the button is still there, I assume that means it wasn't successful). It took me a few tries, and I think rebooting my hub before trying again was the trick.

I also had a second problem, which is that despite actually having the latest firmware (the correct version was reported when I did "Check for update" and it said I already had the latest), the "Settings" area of my Hub still showed the old version number, which is also what it reported to the "cloud" for the Alexa skill, which then refused to install (but it at least let me log in and choose my hub after the registration issue was fixed!). There was a fix for this too that involved temporarily downgrading to an older hub firmware version and then upgrading back to the newer one, which made everything work (and report) as expected for me again. I won't share the details of how that was done in case they don't want they don't want the slightly-but-not-insanely-obscure method by which I was able to downgrade and re-upgrade the firmware made public-ish, but support should definitely be able to help you out if that is also your problem--which you'll know because it will tell you. :slight_smile:

@bertabcd1234 thanks for the help. I'm up and running with help from support.

I'm having the same issues, what should I do


I'm getting this error too. Did anyone find a resolution?