Can't discover hub

Haha... WAN port has little piece of electrical tap over it.

I also like having a wireless backup. I've had the radio go out on an internet company's router but not the actual connection before. Admittedly, that was some time ago, but now I'm ridiculously reliant on it. Switch would be cheaper.

I used to do what you’re doing and it was the cause a lot of problems I found out later. It may be what’s causing your problem right now. You might want to take it out and just connect directly to your ISP modem. See if that works.

Regarding your setup, are you following these directions? The hub light stays blue until your hub is registered. Then it will be green. Make sure you go through the entire process of setting up your account with the verification email step too. If you don’t verify the account, it’s not going to allow you to register your hub.

I unplugged it early on, and it has now died - hence asking for a recommendation. I've never had issues using it as a switch, but figured better check.

I've followed all the directions, and it's glowing blue but not showing up in the router.

You’re looking at the MAC table in your ISP router and you don’t see a match to the sticker on the bottom of your hub?

That's correct.

Do you have another cable around? Throw away that flat cable. I think it’s bad. They are not my favorite, to say the least.

Unless you have the "router as a switch" configured properly... If you have(had) the HE connected to it, it will give the HE an IP address... and it will not show up in the ARP table or DHCP table for the main router...

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I have it on another ethernet cable already...

Wait. It just showed up on the router, but showing as inactive. I've pinged it successfully but the panel still won't find it, even with the Mac address.

If it has an ip. Ping it. If not, change cables. Make sure your iSP router isn’t in bridge mode if you have the hub connected directly to it now.

It pinged successfully. I wouldn't know how to put this router in bridge mode if you paid me...

Is your Hubitat account set up? You responded to the registration email?

Wait. The ping was a lie. Its coming back a fail.

Yes, signed up for account.

Now it's successful ping... something weird here.

Sure your computer’s on the same network as the hub?

Auto negotiation in the switch can be a problem.

Yes. It finally found it via IP address. Now it's not showing in my hub list... feel like its a step though.

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Right. Now it is being discovered but won't open the Hubitat Web Interface.


Follow the directions and agree to the TOS agreement

Been staring at the loading wheel for a while...

I don’t think it’s doing a database backup since it’s not setup, but you should know that this is the database backup time. Might be a factor.

Best to get some rest and look at this with fresh eyes tomorrow. Don’t let yourself get run down. These are not good days to pull all nighters. We all need strong immune systems right now. Have a good one :v:t2: