Can't Delete Ghost Device

can you use the Aeon Labs z-stick s2 dsa02203-zwus to remove ghosts?

Ok.. In the next hotfix build there is an update to failed node removal.. Slight change in the handling and added logging so we can get to the bottom of the issue..


I would assume so, but I used this one (several times), which is half the price.

Ok.. is rolling out any minute..

What I need to further troubleshoot is what will show up in the logs:

Failed node XX remove status: x

Updated to
After rebooting from the update, I performed a "refresh" on the device.
Tried to "remove".
The Log shows:
sys:12021-05-12 01:13:00.005 pm Failed node 86 remove status: 0


The SDK reported that the node was not in the failed node list and rejected the removal..

Can you click refresh on that node and then remove again when it finishes refreshing?

Even though "remove" was already displayed, as you requested, I hit "refresh", again. And then "remove".

Here is the log:

sys:12021-05-12 01:24:53.543 pm Failed node 86 remove status: no reply

sys:12021-05-12 01:24:43.545 pm Z-Wave Network responded with Busy message.

sys:12021-05-12 01:24:13.519 pm Z-Wave Network responded with Busy message.

:thinking: That time the SDK was busy and didn't respond.

Looking at the Log from yesterday when I was trying to delete the device, there are numerous entries for "Z-wave Network responded with Busy message". And I have seen other Users with Ghost Devices report the same log entries when trying to delete the Ghost Device.

Having the same problem as above. A ghost node refresh then remove the logs show status 0 then remove again and status no reply. If I refresh again then remove the status is 0 again. remove again and status is no reply. C-7 .126

Also multiple gen 5 z-sticks will not remove it either.

Any updates here? I am seeing this in as well.

sys:12021-06-08 02:03:09.993 pm Failed node 33 remove status: 0
sys:12021-06-08 02:01:44.361 pm Failed node 33 remove status: 0

Spent most of the day yesterday as well trying to remove my only ghost. Been at this for several weeks and I have no other ideas. The z-stick just will not turn the node red to remove. The z-stick (tried several z-stick Aeotec gen 5) hangs on a solid blue light after the is failed and or the remove failed buttons. I was waiting for a solution to be posted but I will have to email support soon if I do not find one.

You will not be able to remove it as long as the device that caused the ghost has power (is pingable). It’s usually one of the next higher nodes from the ghost. Remove power to the device that had the bad pairing (even if it is now paired successfully at a higher node ID), then try again to remove the ghost while no power to the device that caused the ghost.

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I can testify to the fact that I was able to remove a Ghost device from the Zwave Settings page, (Remove button). It does require patience, and sometimes the Refresh (and or Discover) button has to be pressed first.
Obviously, this works for a "true" ghost - an entry in the table, not a real device with power.
This is the correct approach - (although I have an external ZStick), I should not have to use it, in the normal course of events.
(C7 -

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Not my first ghost but hopefully the last. LOL Well aware and I have the device sitting on my desk that caused the ghost. (not plugged in) The device was a dsd37 Aeotec Ext/Repeater which melted. It's node ID 2e/46 and I am well over 120 devices. The latest zwave id is B5 so this device was added back a while ago. Not sure that that matters but I have always in the past been able to remove the ghosts. (with some effort)

Well, sounds like you have made the requisite burnt offering.

Only other thing I can suggest is to reboot (not reset) the Z-Wave radio: clean shutdown to red light (Settings, shutdown), remove hub power (at the wall mains, not at the fragile microUSB connector, which can break the solder joints at the PC board), boot by applying power again. That’s the only way to reboot the Z-Wave radio, which doesn’t shut down when the hub does.

Is there any way to see details of the ghost device to try to identify it...or are we just stuck with trial and error powering off other devices to try to get this to work? It seems so arcane that Z-wave enforces this can't remove a powered device rule.

Not that I know of. I feel your pain.

One user put aluminum foil around his hub so the Z-Wave radio would not be able to ping the ghost. Another put a UPS in his car with the hub and drove far away so that the Z-Wave radio wouldn’t be able to ping the device. Another left his hub on the UPS but powered down his house so as to remove power, but that trick doesn’t work on battery-powered devices.

I’ve always checked after adding each device before adding another, just to make sure there weren’t any ghost issues.

I agree with you, there has to be a better way. The SiLabs 700 chip radio firmware stack is a mess, not ready for prime time.


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