Cannot install Google Home Built in App

Suddenly I was getting "Sorry I couldn't find the Hubitat" when I used "Hey Google turn on a light"
I uninstalled the app. rebooted Hubitat and tried to install again.
The link takes me to the Hubitat Google Home Doc page here

How can I install the Google Home App?

try this

thanks... That installed the app in Hubitat but I keep getting this when I speak an OK Google command

Sorry it looks like the Hubitat is unavailable right now

I have the same problem since Wednesday at noon. All my lights work fine when I ask Google to control a lamp but none of the switchs work (device type reported by Google). I get the "Hubitat is not available" message. I'm using Google in french so I was thinking that it was only that version of Google that was the problem but I have not seen any other report on the net about this.

Yes.. Wednesday sounds about right.
I havent found anything online either

Im not sure if its a Google issue or an HE issue

I tested again and got these results:

Fibaro switch works using voice but at the same time I get the "Hubitat is unavailable"
All virtual switchs work as expected
All my blinds (seen as ON/Switch in GH) do not work at all
Peanut plugs work as expected
All lights including Lifx Z wifi lights work as expected

running latest firmware and I have not made any changes recently

It's probably a Google thing,

Add me to the list. On Wednesday, Google Home stopped being able to find Hubitat switches. Fans work, lighting doesnโ€™t. I tried just about everything online to fix this to no avail.

Seems like it is a Google thing.
I set up with a different Google account and everything work as expected.
I need to figure out how to wipe out my account and start all over

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