Cannot get device to pair

this device.. i now it is excluded as i can do it with the zstick.. it will re-pair with smarthings fine..
in the hubitat nothing is ever found
model H20c

I do not see that device on the compatibility list. Is it discovered, but no driver install or not discovered at all? Have you tried excluding it via Hubitat (not ST) and then including it? If that did not work you could also try factory resetting it.

There is also a post saying that device needs to be very close to the hub in order to pair.

not discovered.. so i dont think it is a driver issue.. i havef a driver that works for it anyway, it pairs fine with smarthings in the same location but will try closer to hub thanks

thanks for the info. Een though it would pair for smarthings in the location I moved it closer to the switch and it attempted to pair and then hung with the initialize error. On reboot I got it to pair . As you summized it just came up as device but the generic switch driver works fine as this is what was being used in smarthings.. I then moved to the location and it works fine.

thanks agian

I have one multi use device that is doing a secure pair and reboot doesnt help that ... Will have to wait for new hub update.