Cannot Discover Hub

@support_team ,

I can't discover my new C7 hub.

  1. To isolate the issue, the only 2 devices that are connected to my router through an ethernet cable are my computer and my C7 hub. I see both devices from my router network map on the same LAN.
  2. The light is solid green on the C7 hub.
  3. I have turned off browser extensions and my VPN.
  4. when I use find my hub on Chrome, the C7 hub is not discovered.
  5. I have also tried searching using the MAC address and IP through advanced discovery, but the C7 is still not found.
  6. I also tried doing a reset using the tiny button under the C7 for 10 seconds. The light turned red, then blue, then green again. The issue was not resolved.
  7. Finally, I have placed a warranty claim due to this issue. The dropdown on this warranty claim did not have an applicable reason, so I selected "I can't create an account". But if there is a way to get it to work, that would be preferable. I'm within the 90 days from purchase.

Can you go to the ip addr:8081 ?


Don't panic (yet), as this very set of things happened to my brand new C7 when I got it a year ago. Eventually, it worked as expected, and I'm only sorry to say it did so of its own volition and not (IIRC) from anything I specifically did or that anyone told me to do.

Just telling you this so you know you're not the first, and that the green light is a good sign so keep trying.

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Welcome to our community. And thank you so much for detailing the steps you have taken so far. It helps enormously to move closer to resolution. Please send me a private message with your new hub's MAC address. Having a warranty case on file also helps expedite your case if a replacement is needed.

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