Cannot connect Hubitat to Google Home - login window disappears & app doesn't show up in linked accounts

I've been trying to connect Google Home to Hubitat but the linking doesn't seem to work. I went through some of the other threads on this topic, but couldn't see an issue like this mentioned there. The first time I tried to connect Hubitat, I got the login screen, filled my details in, and hit continue. It redirected to an "...oauth..." something URL and the window promptly disappeared. Since then, this has been happening:

Hubitat doesn't show up in the list of linked apps in my Google account.

Try this.

I haven't been able to connect it even once. As I mentioned in my original post, hubitat doesn't show up in the list on my Google account :<

Got my curiosity, so I checked GH links. I don't see HE either, but GH works for me w HE. Do you have Google Home app loaded in HE and devices shared w GH ?

I don't have the Google Home app loaded in HE - I can't get it to load. Clicking this:
Takes me to:

Step 6 of that guide does not lead to Step 7, so I cannot link my hub at all.

You need to add Built-in App, add GH

you could try the community driver of google home.

This worked for me.

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