Canless RGBWW Recessed Lighting

So I am brand new to smart devices and Hubitat - the hub is in the mail. I am in the process of finishing my basement and am planning for lights. We will be installing many (30+) lights - some 4", some 6", some RGBWW, and some that can just adjust white temperature. For the RGBWW, I am looking for something like the Lumary RGBWW Anti-Glare canless light. Does anyone have any alternatives. I have scoured the community and these apparently won't work with HE..or maybe they will via the cloud. I haven't made it that far yet.

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These should work for you (local with built-in drivers).
WiZ 65W Reflector Kit 6‘’ WiFi Full Color & Tunable White, Smart LED Light Bulb (556159) $29.97

Also come in 4" $26.22.

Unfortunately, those are not canless. They are retrofit for cans. I don't want to buy all those cans.

Seems like most canless are wifi only. I haven't found any that directly state zigbee or z-wave. That is the problem I am having.

Duh, not sure why I thought they weren't retrofit fixtures. :man_shrugging:

Only other brand I can think of that makes a panel light is Eaton's Halo (ZigBee), but I think they're retrofits as well. If they're even still available.

There's these:

Govee Smart RGBWW Recessed Lights 4 Pack
Screenshot 2023-01-04 012544

Although not natively supported, there is a community integration.

You want these. That said, you will also want either an inovelli or or zooz switch/dimmer to control them as they have smart bulb modes. If you use a regular switch with them you will have problems.

Also Welcome to hubitat! Take a look at this thread as well.

These are Cloud based as of now for HE. Govee has not added them for local Lan control so keep that in mind. With the integration you would be able to turn them on/off, set Color, Set brightness level, and Set color temp. Advanced things like Scene effects and Music sync will likely require your phone if they support those features.

Check the reviews on the Benexmart ones. The idea of it being Zigbee3.0 is a good thing but it looks like there may be some electrical code issues depending on where you live.

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While expensive, Hue also makes a canless, retrofit light:

That's not canless

The product picture is wrong, but there is a canless option that I've bought and installed. Changed the link to the Hue product page directly instead of Amazon.

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The Benexmart are almost perfect. They don't come with a junction box. It is against code to bury a junction box behind dywall in the US. In the case of recessed lights that have a junction box that is integral to the light, then that is allowed.