Canceling PIN on a Mode Tile

Once I set a PIN number requirement on a dashboard app I am unable to cancel it or change it later. the only way I can see to accomplish this is via recreating the entire dashboard. Is there a trick to accomplishing this?

Silence from the Community and from Hubitat Support. Frustrating. Hard to imagine that I am the only one for whom this is an issue.

Tagging @bobbyD from Hubitat Support. Not sure if you sent a PM to @support or not regarding this specific question... But tagging Bobby here in the Community definitely helps to draw his attention to your support questions.

I do not use PIN protected Dashboards, so I cannot offer any suggestions unfortunately.


Connect to hub then go to Apps and open your Dashboard. Under Advanced, remove the pin, then click done. The next time you open the Dashboard it will not ask for pin. Is this not your experience?


Thanks Bobby. Your are correct, PIN still required. When I first reported this problem I received and email, from you I think, that the bug had been verified and would be corrected in a future update. There have been two or three of those since then and I still can't cancel or change a PIN.

Thanks for responding. Had previous contact with Bobby and again this morning.

Here is the response I received from you Bobby, Nov 19, 2021


Thank you for reaching out to us. We were able to replicate the problem and the issue you reported has been referred to our engineering team. You can expect a fix to be released in the next update. Unfortunately, the only work around at the moment is completely removing the Dashboard and recreating it.




Ah, but this is not the Dasboard pin, your ticket was for the pin set on the Mode Tile, and that's different.

Will try to recreate the pin for the Mode tile and if I can still replicate the problem, will escalate again to get it fixed.

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Changed the title to better reflect the issue.

OK Thanks Bobby. I guess I see how you see these as three different PINs. It is true the only one I use is for changing Mode. Never tried a PIN for opening the dashboard itself.

Bobby: This morning I was testing the Mode Pin change issue and discovered that I can now CHANGE the PIN number. It has been some time since I tested changing the PIN as opposed to deleting it but I am almost certain that I was previously unable to change it either. I was even able to make is just a simple single digit. I still can not cancel it completely but being able to change it is helpful.

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I'm resurrecting this thread as it is a problem for me too. I'd prefer not to have to delete and recreate my dashboard every time I need to make a change like this. Is there a fix to this bug scheduled?

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